Texans star Watson out for season after knee injury


Known for it sportswear coverage ackerman the shawn watson has been one of the feelgood stories of the season but sadly this season is now over watson suffered a noncontact knee injury in practice today and it is a torn acl if there is any good news it is not the same need that he injured while at clemson the colts have already oregon one sees without a franchise quarterback and it's happening once again with a different franchise quarterback now as andrew luck was placed on injured reserve the as yet to return you one hundred percent following shoulder surgery in january jim chris ballard said the team is looking out for his best interests we think for the longterm interest of andrew this is the best course of action you know i've heard all kinds of rumors about career in being as that's not the case here i've not got that from one doctor lock said he is optimistic about resuming his career we nine of the season opens tonight metlife stadium in new jersey where the jets host the bills buffalo took the previous match up in the season opener with will sean mccoy gaining a hundred and ten yards on the ground and tyron taylor's now picked it up with only two interceptions in his last one hundred ninety six past attempts bills and won backtoback game in trail the first place patriot by just a half game in the afc's the jets have dropped their last three less than 24 hours after the baseball season ends the angels have come to terms with justin upton on a fiveyear extension the cavaliers will be without tristan thompson for up to a month due to a calf injury there are two games on the nba scheduled tonight the spurs host the warriors the lakers and blazers beat in portland i'm reject them this is the evora this is branded tier two elite teams in the nfl be teeth none again i look every week right here on tnt and a three six pm eastern see sports radio oh.

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