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Wmal fm woodbridge wmal washington risky 1054 not it will you any a cumulus station now democrats rebound trump in china i'm elliot francis it was a big win for democrats tuesday and virginia's gubernatorial election bob costantini reports says the releated to president trump to charlottesville racial tensions and violence immigration gun rights were some of the issues that provided a backdrop four virginia voters governorelect corral if north them saying the results send a message that we know will not condone hatred bigotry and and the politics that have torn this country apart thethese easy to make too much of what one states results mean to the upcoming midterm congressional elections but democrats were enjoying themselves so much their celebration last of the couple hours after the governor's race was cold democratic party is backed by let's party chair tom perez bob costantini washington regrets also scored another victory in the race for governor in new jersey speaking to supporters governor are like phil murphy said the state will resist many policies coming from the white house we will stand firm producers these values push back against the lean winds blowing at us from washington dc trump has arrived in china this morning for the third leg of his asian tour of course wanted bent reverses in beijing this is going to be a highly symbolic visit here in beijing the government here calling it a superstate visit because of the special things that donald trump is going to be able to take part in it's going to start at the forbidden city inside the old imperial palace here in beijing where the president and the first lady will get a tore alongside i china's first lady and chinese president i xi jinping regret denecker roma's become the first transgender candidate to be elected to a state legislature after defeating a thirteen term'member virginia's hopes of delegate it's tuesday a 33yearold rome ousted seventythreeyearold republican delegate robert marshall stories that shed light on issues surrounding gender identity i'm elliot francis wmal news at five o two good morning bill thompson after his big election win virginia governor elect ralph north of his vowing to unite the commonwealth he was briefly taken off the.

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