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Mm but finish pete oh shucks weekly to you out to me dip oh oh i the first when it comes from your uh best e angela kinsey former guess gosh augusta the show okay what was the last time you danced i mean on a dance floor like rocking out at her wedding there was less time at her recent wedding that's correct oh that's right oh i didn't know she gave answers yeah yeah at her wedding okay next question is from fred savage oh for savage so much who doesn't is the question geno when can we work together again my answer is whenever you want fred savable i will certainly pass a law okay yeah um when one which was the more daunting acting childish okay pretending you don't want to spend the rest of your life with rob lowe from the episode of grinder yes war meyer pretending to share any genetic trades with rob because he plays brother does a very very funny question i you know those are both they were both so equally difficult i really don't know did you know rod prior i did and i i weirdly the movie that i got my sad card on uh lowe was the star of i had three lines in a rob lowe movie called the specials and the way that i even got in that movie why is because i dish and to do some staged readings of that film script so that they could get financing and rob lowe did the readings he was attached and i read with him i read the lead girl opposite him.

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