The more underrated players in the league right was an automatic allstar selection


The more underrated players in the league right was an an automatic allstar selection and now he is and so he's got you know the bullseyes on his back and in more ways than one you know told the that's a that's a good transition that that valeri is making i kinda liked the fact that there were some sour faces in a little bit of bite to the timbers is that final whistle blew you know what is soccer thing brek until you all about it's tough man you could play well lose you could play poorly and so how come away with a robbery of a victory tonight was just not a good night for the portland timbers full stop right mr opportunities couldn't put the ball on frame the larry streak ends i'll he gets passed in that that that lead for a goals scored by pneumonia h a teams around them get some results you know but there's still a lot to be said and you'd rather be the portland timbers sitting in second place at forty seven then you would be the san jose earthquakes in sixth place at 42 but tonight you know it's kind of like tennis right the game tonight goes to san jose we'll see what the set and the match are in november the thick of there's no doubt about that and and regardless of what happened in this game valeri streak it will be remembered for a very long time is it was a recordbreaking streak for him aright lots of come here on the post game show we're going to hear from mali bridge well we're going to here from coach caleb porter we're gonna take a look ahead and what will update you on the standings in the western conference and some other matches that happen throughout the rest of the day all that and more here on the portland timbers post game show on fm news 101 k excel enterprise rent a guard knows that the biggest timbers games aren't always in portland some leak can you gotta head north on i 5 to see the gazed best rivalry other times it seems like they're in another galaxy but now thanks to weaken special starting at nine ninety nine a day enterprise can help you hit.

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