Bloomberg, mark zuckerberg and facebook discussed on Monocle 24: The Briefing - Monday 30 October


Yeah bloomberg's being investigating how well facebook is doing in this serb pretty big problem now this a problem of fake news has been going on since as early as the sum of 2016 mark zuckerberg initially said it was crazy thing that fake news is swayed any vote is in the us election but i see yet a rethink and he's contracted five outside relations that's a chick news now we've got some screen shot sir a hair bloomberg of of how this works behind the scenes quite interesting ashley the comes up on the dashboard so when enough uses refer a story is a fake it goes through to the fact checking organizations than they can verify but it seems that they know actually getting through an enormous amounts of news and they're still some worries uh that's a lot of this fake news is still trending on facebook in associating up in people's feeds and it seems quite tricky of a facebook ashley chocolates they seem to think that in a pretty good job they say that this is positive multipronged approach to combating foes news the and they say they've seen real progress in the efforts seif arba quite interesting problem and it seems that sir fake the owns quite dealing with all of this fake news just yet indeed one has that story will run and run you and thanks for your time is always good to catch up with you imports from bloomberg here on the briefing.

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