Can target tyree kill underneath with that same kind of follow that game plan


I i think you can i think that you can stream how smith yet again make sense i mean if you look at what jay cutler did last week when durant was out and they went to jarvis landry left right and centre if you can target tyree kill underneath with that same kind of follow that game plan you give tariq hill that many opportunities to break something off and all of a sudden alec smith can throw you know another seventy yard touchdown pass that is a screen pass no that's a strong point you start smith hunt hill and kelsea on a chief side without what what a world we live in the truth jesus' often some started the ball thirty four point five points a game they're not really a jeremy macklin guy so they are exploding excellent excellent excellent take philip rivers i think people want to naughty star rivers or do you start mario dirty star russell wilson this week give you had to choose between those three rivers river rivers virtually or rivers runs right through it your oh melvin gordon you're starting him keen announced starting him or what about hunter henry antonio gates you have to pick one of those guys you've got the a coin flip the last two games i'm starting hunter henry if i have to pick one of those two all right i'm looking forward to sunday night football the raiders and redskins the redskins point underdogs at home 54 54 point over under i'm excited about this scheme let me jump into terrell prior here.

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