Bitcoin of a theory um a lot of people out there making money up investing in these cryptocurrencies


Nobody's doing it explained the slide a law and why you're starting with this yeah i think you the we've seen these great runoffs in kind of the market cap of of bitcoin of a theory um a lot of people out there making money up investing in these cryptocurrencies but the reality the matters it's still very very early days um the money is you know it's it's speculation um it is you know the hope that these become valuable assets over time and the reality is more represented in a slide like this that in actual kind of end consumers who actually have adopted cryptocurrencies it's still really really small sixteen million was to count the we got tom of kind of actual individuals who have crypto wallets yeah odd to me how active they are right it will maybe i saw one report yesterday where maybe it's gone to twenty or twentyfive million but come on and we're still talking relative to the broader internet you know it's a half a percent of all internet users around around the world and there's a point three million global three point three billion billion a users and you know 1300 13 billion what's that users so we're talking about a very small number of what abuses one percent yeah and either i think like sort of like you know we chat which as the eight hundred million payments users not even which i use about a billion which at users but at eight hundred million people who are using on we check for payments that was more of an example right now all of actually having the closest thing to us i cryptocurrency but to kind of cash exactly yeah is through we chatted overuse the call cryptocurrency digital catches it'll cash their never came to fruition by so why is that well one of the reasons as well it's crypto area ends they go so you is is is my mom gonna use this what are your friends going to use this and there are the slide we're seeing a bitcoin wallet who h has your bitcoin address listed as like a wide k g you know an and wondering while those not the barcodes but the you are code hugh our code and that you have point two four one night bitcoin's and while this weird.

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