Ota beckham junior to touchdowns


Look ally has a healthy older beckham junior weird all about the philadelphia eagles secondary and how great the are in then brand of marshall eight receptions ota beckham junior to touchdowns certainly shepherds seven a'reception seventy ingram seven targets and five receptions that's look they can't run i can on the ball that's exactly anna then district accept it again that you cannot read a battle that's very similar to what helped me pick carson palmer because i realize watching the game i was so happy w we you know as as an arizona cardinals now you know fan native tarazona i don't wanna pick any cardinals ever because i fear that people are going to be like oh he's just saw a homer i am the most people say that when we pumped up david johnson last year mumia well the point here is that he is at home he is against the san francisco forty nine irs the running game has not been able to get the job done and he has looked good when he's protected but the office of line was terrible last night they're going to get back one or possibly two starters this coming week at the pass rush for the san francisco forty nine irs is not nearly what it is for the dallas cowboys so i really like the home start of carson palmer that's my stream of the week i like him in the me he's coming off a great game despite the yeah offensive line worry up ups i'm going back into the fire forever simeon he gets to take on the raiders the big thing for seeming though is he's at home and the raiders defenses i think they're showing who they are is with that game against washington.

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