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How are you guys doing this morning, Pam, Jeff? Well, you know, it was pretty good till I got ready to walk out the door. Yeah. Oh, you figured out how cold rainy it was. Well, no. It's that wind. The wind is something, but it was something on the floor when I was getting ready to leave. You know, I broke down and bought myself a steam mop. Oh, cool, yeah. Yeah, clean my foot, you know, because I've got four animals. Right. And one of them that just really enjoys bringing dead things in. So I knew I had animal guts all over the place. So I'm gonna go back. And somebody gave me a gift certificate for one of the big box stores. Right. All right. So I get this. This weekend while I'm watching the football games because I love playoff football. In the commercials, I get up and stain mop a little section. Right. It's a great way to get a project done, you know, because I wasn't going to watch the commercials. Now, we'll watch them just see mopping 30 seconds at a time. 30 seconds, and I mean my floor by Sunday Night looked incredible. Brand new. Wow. Everything. Awesome. And so this morning, I'm so proud of myself. I'm walking. I'm loading my car up, and I stepped in vomit. And I was like, really? I thought I had a bad morning. Really? Okay. Were your shoes on or off? No, thank God they were on. And I did that kind of thing, you know? Or you don't fall, but I thought I had a bad morning, but from now on, we're going to refer to that as stuff. Stay there. Well, you know, I got up at 5 o'clock this morning, took the grandbabies to school, got in the truck at about 5 minutes till 7, so I can wait in traffic for 45 minutes. 40 5 minutes. We need more people moving to Madison. Please come on. So then I get in my truck, it's Ronan. I'm warming everything up for him. And I've got a tire that says it has 12 pounds of air. Oh, no. 12? Yeah. So I have to have them to school by 7 30. I have to be here by 9. I don't have time to go get a tire fixed. So of course I pull in the gas station after I drop them off, that air pump's not working. Of course. So then I go find another one and now so the truck set down. It takes quarters and you can't find those. It's got 19 pounds of air in it. So it'll be flat by the time I get it. Let me get out of here. Yeah. Yeah. So Pam, are you good at changing tire? Absolutely not. My battles and that's just not one of them. Really? That's amazing. I have been to your garage and there's not a tool in there that you don't own. And anything in there, I can't imagine you can't fix and you won't change a tire? Nope. Okay. Well, it's just a strength thing. Yeah. No, I get it. It's more than, you know, just being able to turn those lugs and I just know I'm not going to do it. I'm going to pay somebody to do that. Your daddy didn't tell you. It's Stan, don't it? That'll help you stand on that. My nose when I fall off. It was like my roof, you know, I'm not going to roof a house either, but I got my roof put on. Right, that's true. Partially, we're going to we've got some questions on this flat roof, but yeah, I upgraded to those bullet boots, Jeff. What is that? It's a hard shell. So it fits over the sleeve and there's no rubber though. Oh, okay. Yeah, it's metal. Yeah. Interesting. The whole way. Upgraded to the bullet button. Good. And by the way, she's not talking about a thing that goes on to her feet. This is actually on the roof. And it goes over the holes in the roof. It goes over your plumbing vents. Right. And so, and just for folks where you're consumers. When you're getting ready to get a new roof on, consider those things, ask them about the flashing, one of the things that I budgeted was I knew because my House is so old that when they started pulling up my roof and pulling out those nails, that they were going to be some one 6 slats that were going to have to be replaced. They will allow so much, but then they're going to charge you for everything over that. So I knew that I had to budget so much over what the insurance company was going to pay so that I could get just, you know, I didn't want any surprises and other words. And boy, they were pulling some decking up. And it's right at the flashing areas. Right. Wow. Same thing we find on the show all the time. People call it. We got a quick question in that I've got to get it in here real quick. One of the folks that work here came and asked, why in my bathroom? I've got a double vanity double vanity. And one sink. One side of that double vanity. Will the water will get hot? On one side. And it won't get quite as hot on the other side. Of the double vanity, why would that be? Here's a little goblin between the sinks that's eaten up all the hot water. I don't know. That's awful strange. I wonder if the valve underneath is not turned all the way on. Well, that's what that would be for both, wouldn't it? Well, no, no. Java? It was another part of the question, too, as far as like, he was talking about why on one section of the house that his kitchen, his kitchen hairs, face melting water, will come out of the tap. And then in the bathroom, the bathtub, it's lukewarm. So he's getting multiple temperatures and pressures in different parts of the house and he gets his question was like, what makes that so? Say, I wonder if it's distance from the water heater? It could be, it could also be if you've got two water heaters, you got one that's not working right. Yeah, but I mean, in the, in the vanity, where they're side by side. Well, yeah, yeah. I'm going with Pam, maybe the maybe the hot side is not turned on all the way. I don't own all the way. You're not getting enough pressure through there. Or we could have debris. Yep. And they are on the tip. We could have debris. I'm almost liking to breathe better.

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