Why Meta Allowing Trump Back Onto Platforms Is a Trap


Isn't it coincidental nation that yesterday? Just as meta said, hey, come on back. We'll restore you to Facebook and Instagram. At that very moment, there was a news story leaked that Trump planned to go back on those platforms and would dump truth social. Truth social, of course, the social media platform that he founded and supported Devin Nunes runs it now. And many of us are on truth social. So the rumor they were floating around was that Trump would come back on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and truth social would be no more. First of all, not true. The president made it very clear that he's quite pleased with how he is able to reach people on true social. But the fact that he had to issue the statement in response to the fake news story shows what they were trying to do. They were trying to torpedo his independent voice. They were trying to torpedo the business model. Because all they needed to do was flowed out the ether, the fact that Trump will be going to the other platforms and off of his own, it would crater their business model. And he's too smart a businessman to do that, certainly. And that's the other reason why, you know, in conjunction with this, he's not going to leave truth social and if he goes back on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, he's diluting his message and therefore hurting the true social business. If he's posting the same thing all places, why would you go to something like truth social if you were not already there? That is the big selling point for truth social.

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