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AP sport time Josh Brown tree. We started college basketball where there were four top 25 matchups throughout the country Tuesday. In Manhattan, Kansas K state dropped 9th ranked Baylor more from correspondent Greg eklund. First year head coach Jerome Tang and assistant coach at Baylor for 19 years, savored Kansas state's 75 65 win over the bears. It's not the who we played or winning that, but the environment tonight and just to turn out the crowd, the energy, I mean, every coach's dream K state trailed by three at halftime but came out firing in the second half behind chianti Johnson, who scored a game high 25 points, 16 of the second half. While Kant's point guard marquise Noel chipped in with 1410 from the free throw line, but he also had ten assists and no turnovers. Elsewhere 8th ranked Texas roughed up Iowa state 72 54, wade Taylor the fourth scored 25 points as 25th ranked Texas a and M, dropped 11th ranked Tennessee 68, 63, tenth ranked marquette got by 19th ranked creighton 73 71, and in their first home game since an on campus mass shooting 8 days prior, Michigan state knocked off 17th ranked Indiana 80 to 65. On the ice Carolina took down St. Louis Tuesday, four to one, a goal in two assists from Andrei svechnikov. There's been a while for me, like I said, and whatever is called a score and gives you a little bit conference and you just tried to boss out there and knowing the creative and more chances. That's what I was doing today. The red wings dropped the capitals three one as suitor scored twice for Detroit. Well, I mean, every point mathers ever get matters and you think it's just also building something how we play how we win games and just trying to continue that. And in the NBA, the Atlanta Hawks fired head coach Nate McMillan on Tuesday, less than two years after he guided the team to the Eastern Conference Finals. I'm Josh rowntree, AP sports.

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