Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Convicted of Seditious Conspiracy


Talk to us first about this conviction because this seems like, according to all the legal experts, this is kind of a big deal as Joe Biden would say. It is hard to prove seditious conspiracy, and this was a good day for the government. Yeah, it absolutely was a great day and for those of you who actually read the book they want to kill Americans, you probably would have had most of the details of the indictment against Stewart road written out in that long narrative form showing he had started this conspiracy way back in 2020. And I've mentioned several times on this show that the reason I wrote that book was the things we were seeing that were happening between the oath keepers and the Proud Boys in August of 2020. And by September, they were exhorting all of their followers to start buying body armor, weapons, equipment, to go out and get tactical training and to be prepared for the post election period. And that's when the true conspiracy began that they were intending to act as a militia for Donald Trump personally. And to affect the overthrow of the government of the United States. So seditious conspiracy with the last time that anyone had been convicted of that was in 1992, 1993 with the guy who blew up the first World Trade Center bomb. Yeah. Um, Abdul Rahman in New York City. Conspiracy to attack the United States. So now Stuart roads is in the exact same position as Al-Qaeda.

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