Danielle D'Souza Gill Joins Dinesh to Discuss the Royals


You were talking a moment ago about the fact that the royal family is sort of stayed out of politics, and it seemed that the queen, the late queen, was, you know, also stoical in her personality, tended to hold her emotions and check in that sense, reflected the personality of an earlier era. Would you agree that it was starting with lady Diana that we began to see a kind of a new sensibility within the royal family, which is the idea of being a royal as a form of self expression. I say this because it seems to me some of what's going on with Harry and with Meghan Markle is an extension of what happened with lady Diana. Do you agree or do you think that they're actually very different? I would say they're different. Some people say Megan is like Diana. Megan herself has keeps trying to imitate Diana. She will wear the same outfits as her. She claims she never knew who the royals were. She never followed any of this. Other people who knew her have claimed differently. But it's pretty clear that she has tried to put herself in that line because Harry has this kind of obsession with his mother's death. So I think that was something that Meghan did strategically to make herself seem like a new Diana. However, Diana was really the people's princess and she was loved by many people. She was even though she had a lot of problems that was more of her at least brand whereas Meghan is more of someone who most people dislike, even before this book came out. She really wasn't very popular. She was popular around the time of her wedding, which is when kind of the royals and we're still getting along with her at least as far as the world's thought they were getting along. And most people were really excited about this new person joining their royal family. People thought it was cool. She was of another race and so on. And so I think only really after that after Meghan joined the royal family, did her popularity go down as soon as she kind of started acting in ways that were diva esque, like things were released about from her staff about her kind of being abusive towards them. Other people and then I think the pattern just continued of her. Sort of acting in that entitled way,

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