Families unleash grief and anger on Parkland school shooter


On the day before he is sentenced to families unleashed grief and anger on Florida school shooter Nicholas Cruz 17 people were killed at marjory Stoneman Douglas high school 17 others were injured You don't know me but you tried to kill me Teacher Stacey lapel was injured that day I will have a scar on my arm and the memory of you pointing your gun at me ingrained in my brain forever The jury could not agree on the death penalty for Cruz so his sentence will be life in prison Theresa rabinowitz's granddaughter was killed She hopes cruises every remaining moment on earth is miserable And you repent for your sins necklace And burn in hell Wearing a coronavirus mask cruise stared back at them dressed in a bright red jail jumpsuit showing no emotion Max schatzker spoke on his birthday his son was killed He told Cruz his birthday wish That just suffer a painful painful violent death I'm Ed Donahue

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