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As As I I said, said, chairs chairs on on vacation vacation and and again again today, today, Here's Here's Dona Dona Spellman, Spellman, and and it's it's 50 50 What What on on NewsRadio NewsRadio 7 7 40 40 K K T. T. R. R. H H our our top top story story this this hour hour President President Trump Trump campaign's campaign's in in Michigan, Michigan, talking about the military might Of the U. S. Something he also did with the reporter Bob Woodward before opponents claimed he gave away military top secret information. We have systems and missiles and rockets and Military and take. We have systems that you've never even seen before. President XI has nothing like it. Putin has nothing like it. Nobody has anything like what we have on DH, I said. Is he giving away military information? No,

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