R K O Weather Channel forecast


Dry here for our Friday forecast in Boston and looks like a great weekend shaping up for us. Temperatures this afternoon. Very comfortable in the sixties. High pressure down from Canada with us through the weekend and mid fifties and low fifties Tonight could even see some forties tonight over in Western Mass sunshine Saturday 66 degrees and loaded mid seventies Sunday Monday with beautiful sunshine and low humidity into next week. I'm meteorologist Scott Lawrimore at the Weather Channel on the Voice of Boston. Am 6 80 W. RKO, introducing the newest addition to rain, total body fuel, Lily coy like CI, inspired by the sweet exotic, I live flavors of the Tropic Find the snap code at participating 7 11 locations and be transported to a virtual paradise. For a limited time. Pick up two cans of rain. Total body fuel for only $4 with seven rewards. Download the 7 11 apt to learn more C stores for details off about 2 11 3. You may not think about the sounds you hear every day, but somebody has the voice in your phone. How can I help you? The effects in your video games, Thie sounds and your favorite movies.

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