Smart: Refs overturned call to keep Giannis in


To be honest in the books were up on the Celtics fourth quarter 96 to 89. Boston, though. They came to play dice swings to jail in Brown against Middleton tested three for the wing Swiss since I shot in the face knocks it down, anyway. Time out. Mike Budenholzer and the Celtics have done it again. 98 5 Sports Hall by that three by Jalen Brown had Boston up a point, but Johannes the reigning M V P For a reason. Smart guarding honest. Now they switch about sandy, honest catches on ties. Hook shot down with a foul beautiful bounce by Middleton as he found the honest deep in that paint, Johannes goes to work, and he's got the mean mug goingto make it 1 15 1 10 wkmg with that call that a three point play that had him up five late that help seal the deal was another from Yana said a combo. With about a buck 30 to go an overturned call that kept him in the game and help the Bucks beat. The Celtics won 19 1 12 36 points, 15 rebounds, seven assists. Milwaukee improves to an MBA best 54 12 moved within a window of clinching the top seed in the East for a second straight year, Nagumo was called for a charging fowl, appearing to negate a basket and giving him 1/6 foul. The call It was changed to a blocking foul on Marcus Smart after review Smart and Johannes with this take postgame the recession and said I was late. Frankly, I think we all know what that was about six. I didn't want to get him out. Just call a spade A spade is what it is speaking as a player. I think he's a good player. I think Well, in that respect about that is the first floor peaches May he plays hard. He was the best player. I think he's a bad person that day. That's his opinion. He was moving in last place, but either way it away if he was charging he was not sore. I'm having going to win and away from this place, it was changed. Call Chris Middleton, 18 for the Bucks Smart 23. Jalen Brown, 22 with Jason Tatum, just five points on to off 18 shooting.

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