Sen. Bernie Sanders calls for tax on billionaires' gains during the pandemic

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A major milestone for the Nasdaq on Thursday the index briefly crossed eleven thousand for the first time ever the Nasdaq them closed out the day a hair below that eleven km milestone, a record high that's the indexes six record close in. So. Far, the Nasdaq is clocked a record close thirty one times in twenty twenty. It's remarkable run for the and exit especially considering what a hit like the rest of the stock packet back in. March. Clearly, the Nasdaq is come back with ferocity it's gained about twenty three percents alone the S. and P. Five hundred and the Dow Jones indices have each clocked day winning streak and the S&P is now near percentage points away from his own twenty twenty. Of course, record highs in the marketplace seem at odds with the troubles were seeing a real economy small and medium businesses are shuttered big retailers bankrupt individuals and entrepreneurs are anxiously awaiting more government relief according to some as you'll hear, the disconnect is in part due to the Federal Reserve's unprecedented actions throughout the pandemic. And investor competent that the Fed will continue to support the markets. One former presidential candidate is calling for billionaires to step up to the real economy. Here's duckie quick Senator Bernie Sanders he is now. Calling for a crackdown on billionaires, this is what he tweeted last night. I will be introducing legislation tomorrow meaning today to tax the obscene wealth gains billionaires have made during the public health crisis. The senator tweeted a thread explaining his proposal saying while over thirty million. Americans. Have seen their six hundred dollars a week and unemployment benefits. Expire emergency actions taken by the Federal Reserve to prop up the stock market have meant that four hundred, sixty, seven billionaires saw their wealth go up by over seven hundred and thirty billion dollars since the pandemic began while Amazon is denying paid sick leave hazard pay personal protective equipment to four, hundred, fifty, thousand of its Workers Jeff Bezos has increased his wealth by over seventy billion dollars. Amazon shares are up more than seventy percent year to date. You can see this morning down by about twelve dollars. Senator Sanders also calls out Walmart's Walton family. Tesla's Elon Musk and facebook's mark Zuckerberg for making billions of dollars during the pandemic, and then trying to juxtapose that with what they've done for some of the workers along the way he then said by taxing sixty percent of the wealth gains made by just four, hundred, sixty, seven billionaires. During this pandemic, we could guarantee has a right for an entire year and billionaires would still be able to pocket over three hundred, ten billion dollars gains during the worst downturn since the Great Depression.

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