Scot Prohaska on Total Athlete Development


Scott. Welcome to the show. It's awesome to have you here Min. Banks. or It's something myself and my team we listened to you guys all the time on on just fly sports It's got a requirement for anybody that works for me to listen to your podcast though. They'll thank you. Yeah. It's awesome to have you. I mean, I know every time we've talked or I've I've just more and more intrigued by what you do. Because I, know you're not like you're not all over social media. You know you're not. You're but entire, I've just like I am. So I wish before I left. California could've stop by and really excited that chat about your. Your your insight into your system and how before we get into that I'm curious to like and I like getting into this for especially for people who have who see things in such an expansive way. But what was your gateway into coaching like what got you interested in it, and then what were some really big milestones in changing the way that you thought about your process? Yeah I, you know quick Reader's Digest version is. A pretty good athlete grown up back East right and had scholarship offers and was fortunate enough when I was in. Eighth Grade. To walk in the YMCA, fine little dungeon part where all the tough guys athletes working out in in. There was a level five Olympic lifting coach, and saw me with my little fitness books working out and said Hey kid Chimera. I WANNA teach you how to really train and while I was in eighth grade I started training with. Professional, athletes Olympic, athletes learning how to snatch clean squad sprint hurdles. Everything. So was a amazing experience for young kid be pulled into that kind of culture right away. Top properly. And then after. Know went into finance world business world is kinda miserable, but I was always getting fathers and guys played college football with call me when Scotty? Knew so much about this stuff. Helped me, I got a contract or my kids to a scholarship, teach him and I was doing it on the side and just fell in love with it and started growing in saw business opportunity, and then got called sportsmed guy in Toronto like the work I was doing and went up there and started running its clinic work with NHL guys in Canadian Olympians and stuff like that. It just grew from there kind of an organic way of. Loving it as a young young kid. Being, lucky to have someone mentor me and saw how it changed my life, and then fell into coaching. I feel like you're not the. For, some reason the finance and I didn't like it, and then again, the sports perform I. I've heard that story before I. Don't Mac Shakers on here had that too, and I feel like I've heard others. Maybe I do feel like that that like systems kinda thinking or do you think there's any thinking and finance that is helpful for sports is just make quincy dental you are. I think it's I think it's for competitors. We'll always WANNA look at measures of success. And that's kind of a natural thing. Until you realize I work, I work hard to get something and I realized I. Don't like it when I get here, that might not be success but I think finance is a challenging. Competitive. And and you know with detail and all these little nuances you can take and I think that attracts people to feel they wanna feel successful right, and then you realize you're sit in front of a computer all day long. Yeah. I. Can totally see that. Makes that makes sense I. You're speaking of success to ask the first thing. It's official question. I had and I just I guess, I, felt like starting with this rather than jumping right into the six lanes but. What is success in sport mean to you or? Yeah. So. What it used to meet. Right. So we all have these objectives and goals right, and we think that success when we meet that, we're going to be successful when feel successful yet, what happens when you need it? How long does they last for me? It lasts maybe five minutes and then I'm spending the next stuff in saying, okay. GotTa, start grinding now for the school and realizing that my daily experience wasn't great. So, success for me sport or any endeavor is your daily optimize experience that's sustainable over time. So if you're an athlete of Your Business Guy, whatever it is, if you're living your dream, you're loving your days, you're making a contribution feeling fulfilled. Ben. That's success to me. And so that's how I look at it when I get an athlete that. Wants to scholarship, but he's loving the training loving where he isn't high school having great teammates. Great relationships performing on the field. Every day is not future. You know obsessed all the time that successful to me. That makes sense with the process, right? Like. So often we just look at this. What's the goal? Win The Akron serve get the scholarship, but then, but then what I mean. Eventually it just. Eventually. There's think an emptiness. I mean, it's Nice Scholarships for sure. But at some point you get to the top and. Maybe realize you're on the wrong ladder something, but it's Where I've dealt with the most Olympic athletes after an Olympic year while they struggle. Mightily, they struggle with purpose with focus with what it all means. Up the disappointment of even if they got a medal, did feel as good as they thought. But the daily optimal experience their love in their life in the training or joining, they're enjoying the relationships are building that seems to be sustainable

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