Canadian citizen is second in two days to be sentenced to death in China on drug charges


Two Canadian citizens have been given the death penalty by Chinese courts in the past two days from Beijing. NPR's Amy Chang has more A court in southern China sentence Canadian citizen You Jiawei to death on Friday after convicting him on drug manufacturing and smuggling charges. Local police reportedly found £480 of India in a hotel room. Yeah, used with five other men, all of whom were also found guilty. Is the second Canadian national to be hand of the capital punishment by the Chinese criminal justice system in two days. A day earlier, another Canadian citizen named Asuka home was sentenced to death for producing ketamine. A popular recreational drug to more Canadian men are in the process of appealing their death sentences handed down last year. Canadian police detained hallways chief Financial officer Moment Joe in 2018 on a warrant from the United States. China's Foreign Ministry denies that these death penalty cases are connected to the country's strained relationship for Canada. Imaging. NPR NEWS

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