Friday 7 August - burst 7


Much following a tweet by annoying billionaire Elon Musk appearing to propound the popular foil hat theory Johnny Marshon had some handle whatever Martians have instead of hands in the erection of these triangular monuments. Again that I lack of knowledge of which one is speaking remains no obstacle to prominence in twenty first century public life. Well. Right here in the United States is lowest in numerous categories. will lower than the world load Than in Europe US President Benito Cartman gave an interview to Jonathan Swan of axios which can only have been allowed to happen because some devious patriots in the president's inner circle is attempting to sabotage his reelection much worse than South Korea Germany. You can't do that you. have to go by. Go by where look here is the United States. So we also learned and not before time how to interview Donald Trump properly or years if he was your mad ignorant father in law and you are past caring whether or not his child divorces you when you have somebody that has where there's a case, all the people that little. Cases we learned to however the Donald Trump. Remains a man capable of grasping the wrong end of several sticks at once as he reflected on Tuesdays calamity in Beirut and I've met with some of our great generals and they just seem to feel that it was this was not

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