Emily Gorcenski - Making Nazis cry


People might not know who you are, which would be an awful shame because you one of the coolest people ever. Would you introduce yourself. Sure My Name's Emily Sanski. I am. Anything say work as a data scientist. But also activist and as many who? Studies on tracks modern white supremacy in hate movements. Technologist hockey player. All sorts of things. So I don't know what is what does it mean to be something where somebody? Wow, that's big. That's big from the from the very beginning. I think one of the things that when I was reading about you. A lot of places at set that you're a person who is known for making that cease cry. What does that stem from? That is true so As a little bit of background I'm from Charlottesville Virginia. or at least I spent. Ten years living there. And of course, Charlottesville was the site of the infamous neo-nazi rally in two thousand, seventeen where. A terror attack happened in the TIKI torches and all of that stuff right so sort of. Stuff that we've seen all around the world. And one of the Neo Nazis that was there marching at the rally was a man by the name of Christopher Cantwell and during Tiki Torch Rally, he pepper sprayed me. Along with several other people. And? End You know he was also at the time filming a documentary with Vice News And so what happened was after the rally in the? Vice and HBO. Race to put out this documentary about what had happened they had some very dramatic footage and. Christine was featured very prominently in in all of this and talking about. How he wanted to kill more people and you know showing off his guns and all of these things. Well, the thing is I knew who can't was and I knew that he pepper sprayed me because he posted a picture of himself pepper spraying me as his facebook header the next morning. So I went to the police and made the decision to rest charges against him. and. When he found out that there is a warrant for his arrest. This was shortly after the vice documentary came out with all of his bravado in his you know McKee's mount all of that. So this. News of this warrant comes out and he records himself in a hotel room somewhere in North Carolina or somewhere. Crying. On on this like stream because he's worried that he's got this this warrant for his arrest. And so this sort of very poor. Poorly intentioned little video that he produced. Of himself like sobbing, not quite sobbing but definitely sniffling. Earned him the nickname of decrying Nazi. So he became in within the span of just a few days he went from being this. You Know Big Bold Neo Nazi to this reduced hulk of a man. Who is crying because he you know got caught doing violence. And so that became a sort of a worldwide mean. And this happened because I was one of two people to press charges against him so. I've earned the reputation for making Nazis crappy, and since then I've also made several other Nazis cry for various reasons. And so I guess that is just now the reputation that I have. It's it's funny. You should say he was caught. Doing like very much promoted himself doing the line. You know it baffles the mind. This was such a bizarre sequence of events right because you know here he is somebody that went on camera and talked about how he wanted to be more violent. He was trying to be more violent. You know all of this stuff. and. Then when he acted violently, he bragged about it, you know Oh look at all the you know he calls everyone communists, of course, but all the commies that I guessed. And then he gets caught doing it and then he's like, oh no, there's consequences for my actions. Any cries. But it didn't end there right because. Sensible people when facing forty years in prison as he was. Would Shut their mouths but he did not know he started he continued recording his podcast from jail. And then when he was let out on bail. Despite having literally admitted to pepper spraying me. He then sued me and my co defendant or CO complaining rather in Federal Court. So there is a federal lawsuit against me. For claiming that he pepper sprayed me. Of courses lawsuit eventually went away. It was fine. But it I mean the tied up year life and as a result of this and as a result of his. Many. Attempts to to silence and intimidate me and I actually had to leave Charlotte. So I had to leave the country. In fact, I now live in Germany And so you know the sort of. End of the story or the maybe it's not the end. But the chapter that the story is now on is that Chris can't will plate pleaded guilty to. Two counts of assault. He was let out of jail. So he didn't get the forty years in prison. You got you know basically. Slept on the rest and sent back to his home but he was banned from the state of Virginia for for five years. Well, he didn't make it five years because now he's sitting in a New Hampshire. Jail. Awaiting federal charges where he is now facing thirty two years in prison for extorting. In violently threatening. Another fellow nutmegger.

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