Mother of slain Chicago rapper FBG Duck pleads for no retaliation


Day forecast coming up in about 10 minutes of local local story, story, the the mother mother over over Chicago Chicago robber robber who who was was shot shot and and killed killed in in what what police police called called a a targeted targeted killing killing of of the the gold gold goes goes this this week. week. Still Still today today on on the the very very section section of of Oak Oak Street, Street, where where her her son son was was gunned gunned down down in in broad broad daylight. daylight. In that spot. You called for peace in the wake of her son's murder. Why BBM is political letter to Craig Delaware has the story. Carlton Weekly was better known as the rapper F B G Duck. He was gunned down in front of an Oak Street store Tuesday afternoon. His mother Latina weekly, says her son son was was a a father father of of four four shopping shopping for for a a birthday birthday party party for for one one of of his his Children. Children. Chicago Chicago Police Police are are on on alert alert for for some some kind kind of of gang gang retaliation retaliation is is weekly weekly called called a a news news conference pleading for that not to happen. I am here today as the peace in the city of Chicago. I am absent that his fans friends of mine please seek retaliation. Police suggests the murder may have been because F. B G duck made derogatory comments about some dead gang members. His mother says she doesn't know

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