Episode 147: Contained - burst 09



It because it was the seed of a lot of rumors about her rumors that paint her terrifying light, and while they might have only been stories, the true details of her life make those rumors a lot easier to fall for. Mary McMahon had been married just once before as far as historians can tell in sixteen, thirty four, she married Daniel Nalen and the couple built a life together, but within five years Daniel was dead, leaving her with three young children to care for. Thankfully. Her next husband was a man of status. CONOR O'Brien was from a long line of Irish rulers, high kings, in fact, marriage to him, also met moving into the Family Tower House Liam. Manet Castle which had been built in the fourteen hundreds by sixteen forty, though it was a little worse for wear, so the couple made some renovations which added to its size and scope. But life was more complicated than that. It seems the Conor O'Brien was a bit of a hothead who had no problem reading English settlements in the area. In fact, Mary often rode alongside him participating in these missions in one document from sixteen, Forty two. We are told that Mary Ann Connor led a small band of fighters out on one such raid in February of that year and brought home, a wagon, full of household goods, fourteen pigs in over four hundred sheep. Mary it seems

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