'Hollywood, The Sequel,' Episode 5: If we have to resort to shame...' with Gloria Calderon Kellett

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We also explore some new challenges created by the pandemic. Like how do you keep a TV show on the air? That's the dilemma that Gloria called her own. Kellet is currently facing with one day at a time. She'd actually been dealing with it even before the pandemic half. The show, which is centered on a Cuban American family in La was cancelled after three seasons on Netflix and then it was picked up by the cable channel Pop. TV It premiered this March right in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, and then everything shut down. We had just finished shooting our sixth episode, so we were in pre production on episode seven when we had the shutdown, so we have half the season. So what we did is Mike and Mike my Wonderful Co showrunner and I continued a doing the writer's room by Zoom. And, we finished tabling all of our scripts, so all thirteen episodes are now written and ready for when this ends, and then I had the idea what if we could animate one of the episodes? Thankfully, we were able to produce one animated episode, which was a ball, so we've now completed our work. We've done post on all of the episodes. Everything has now been released, and we are just waiting to see what the fate of the show is because we don't think for a lot of shows, we also can't help, but think all of us. Creators can't help, but think. Does this just Cova kill our show right like does it? Does it end a lot of shows that are? Making you know making their way and trying to get by and can't survive this this time or this much time off. Do you think that's a real possibility? Because nobody is really expressed that that there's going to be different kinds of shows, but that shows on the bubble may not make it at all. I mean I've seen it already seen great shows already get canceled that I think would have had a shot had Kobe dot happened for sure the good thing for writers like herself. Cauldron Kellet says is that they're able to keep writing, but for her actors. In the shows two hundred plus crew members were waiting to return to work. It's a much more difficult situation. But, even with so much hardship, call drone cal. It is hopeful this might be a moment of transformational change I think that what's great about quarantines? It is impossible to escape self. And I think that as a result of that people are digging deep and looking at the problems that have existed for a really long time, I mean look the the founding fathers came up with something that was really ingenious in in setting up this country, this very radical idea of starting a new country, and there was a lot of stuff they did right, and there's a lot of stuff they. They did that was informed by their own systemic racism that they had been living with rate, and we have to I think it's great to be able to look at a system and say hey. We did some things right, but we did a lot of things wrong to let's see if we can improve it. And I think as everyone is in quarantine, and everyone is embarking on some sort of. Themselves, we are also going through this racial reckoning, and this reckoning is a country about what works what doesn't work what has been working for some people, but what has been taking away from other people and how that that lineup exist in Hollywood big time? So you know people always think Hollywood is so liberal. I haven't found it super liberal at all. At all. I found it to be just as tricky as anywhere else, and I think conversations are being had now that I have been having forever, and it's exciting now that other people are having those conversations because I think that's where actual change can happen. So. I think it's an exciting time. And I think it's a very hopeful time I would call it lip-service liberalism, and that means you host a benefit for the rainforest in your backyard, and then you get on your private jet to fly off to your eight Thousand Square Foot House in Perks Utah. So let's just say it's not gonNA be lip-service Liberalism. There's going to be real change and people are going to. To start to alter behavior. What are the kinds of things that you would hope for that? People will start doing differently or stop doing altogether well, I think that we need to reflect the country as it is, I think that part of the reason in my own opinion. This just Gloria thinking this part of the reason I think we are so on opposite sides right now is because we watch different stuff. that. There was a time in our country that we could relate to each other more easily. Because, at least we were consuming the same pop culture, and that pop culture informed our conversations with one another. So. All of us were watching little house on the prairie, and all of us were watching I. Love Lucy and all of us rate it certainly informs my parents coming to this country with a wide open door, and hey, we want to save you from Communism Cubans come on in and Oh here a path to citizenship, and you can send your kids to college, and you can buy homes, and you've lived it right. I lived what this country did. Beautifully, which is I thrived in generation? Here I am I. I have thrived. My parents have thrived. It works it works if you, if you allow people a way to have freedom, and then give them the opportunities to have that freedom, and to live it so I know I. Know What it looks like because I've learned it, so we don't do that now, and we also don't tell stories that are reflective of that now I feel very much like had Ricky Ricardo enough on television. I wouldn't be sitting here right now. Once upon a time in the woods live peasant. He was a good man with a novel heart. He spent his time in the forest. Going down Buddha's from the tweets. Boo. Boo. That's boughs. You'd think that open doors for people to see people who sounded different to be accepted. That's right I, think they were like? Oh, Bunch Ricky Ricardo Awesome. Bring him in whereas now when Latinos are three percent of what's on television, and that three percent is largely rapists and criminals and gang bangers, and all the things that everyone's afraid of then all of a sudden, it's like Oh. We don't those people here. Oh, my God. They're gonNA. Kill us. They're going to. We have this beautiful way of life. We want to keep it safe. They don't. The story is important the. The story is important so for me. Who has never I? Don't know anyone in a gang I've never been exposed. It's just not at all experiences in this country so I want to offer other realities I want to offer that. Having a diverse writer's room is great for conversation. It is great I love my room. That was it was largely. Latino we have white people in the room to of course, but it's largely Latino Room the conversation we had in there was beautiful. It was beautiful, very queer room because we obviously have a lot of queer cares on the show. And there was constant like I. You know I'm straight, says woman so I'd be like okay. Lesbians I need to I can I I with respect. I may say things I'm going to say this wrong, but I'm GONNA I really want to understand this is so can i. make some mistakes here maybe and apologize in advance, and they're like yes, and we were allowed to make mistakes finding our way. Way Towards each other, and that's the kind of bridge building. I'm looking to do when I make stuff. And that's what I Hollywood can do as well as we try to right this wrong. By literally writing more material that is inclusive of many different experiences and make representation matter in a way that we see it matters in the polls. We see it

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