OWL Announces Playoff Format and Leaked Email Shows TI Postponed Again

The Esports Minute


Let's start with the WWL as t is just a rumor based on a leaked email. Operating any sporting event is near impossible in times of Cova but activision Blizzard's. May have been the toughest challenge of any sporting leak entering the first year of travel based competition for Global League was going to pose a challenge even prior to covert. Now the OB been scrambling as main players retired, an entire rosters were forced to be dropped due to the virus, but the playoffs are still set to be held, and we have new details now. The playoffs we separate into two divisions with thirteen teams competing in North America and seven, competing in Asia, the champions of the winners and losers bracket in each region will then makeup fourteen playoff. That playoff will be held in the yet undecided location in Asia even though the teams will be getting together, the competition will still be held online just with the same Regional Ping. It's a complicated system and one that could fall apart with any myriad of situations, but as it stands the OH. WWL is still set to crowd a world champion this year. The same can't be said of Doda twos the international, according to a leaked email published by the Belarusian Sports Federation valves plane to postpone eleven originally set for twenty twenty one until twenty twenty two ti ten originally scheduled for this August. WHO's prize? Pools Cross twenty five million was postponed in April. The original thought was that Ti. Ten would be held in winter and TI. Eleven would run on the classic. August schedule with this email it. It isn't really clear. What valves plan is if I had to take a guess, art assumed that without improving trends towards the pandemic, this winter felt increasingly unlikely and valve, instead going to hold t I ten next August, and double up twenty twenty, two with Ti Eleven and twelve does just a guest, but it's really the only time line that makes a ton of sense without things. Stand right now and the information related that email.

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