Weglot - Make your Website Multilingual in Minutes


Today I'm going. Be covering a really awesome toll. We Lot W. E. E. G. L. O. T.. And we lot allows you to make your website or websites multi-lingual in minutes, so I had to try it out whenever I whenever I got on their side of had to try it out on the podcast website, and they were not lying. It actually took me about four minutes to allow visitors to toggle between English and Spanish. So what I love about legal is that integrates with whatever. Whatever tech you're using and USE UNSTUCK DOT com for my podcast website, so there wasn't a direct integration, and you know it's still only took me a few minutes integrate i. just had the copy. They gave me like a snippet of the code there and had a copy and paste html header tag so like I said took me four minutes maximum before actually saw it and use And we bought solves many issues that startups in companies face so from a marketing perspective it allows you to easily reach other demographics and an example. Perfect example of this actually saw this morning is a tweet from India. Hackers about how someone doubled their growth by translating their product into different languages. This person they. They had said that struggling to grow. They're trying to enroll channels They were like okay. Let's translate and they literally doubled their growth by translating their product in different languages. So that just goes to show like. If you have a product or you want more traffic on your website, the trend translating it may be the way to go. And then from a developer perspective, they don't have to translate the entire website so. And it's also like not tying you to. To the developer, so at a previous certify work that we hired someone, just translate everything in the Japanese so. was, for cryptocurrencies startup right and it took I. think it took about three months and you know it costs us a few thousand dollars to pay this person to do our website blogs all that stuff, and why would i? Why would someone do this one net? Why would you hire someone whenever you can do it instantly with we got? It's a no brainer so and after speaking with the guys that we got. It is very clear that they focused on the on boarding journey right minimizing the required time to actually see the main value of the product killed. They did a great job, and they really made sure users can translate their website in less than five minutes signing up so whenever I got on and I did it. And I copy and paste each authors test button there. Oppressed test took maybe a minute and thirty seconds, and then it said yet it's good to go, and then I went on my website in right there in the bottom right hand corner was the button and I clicked on it, and I made my website in Spanish so though I cannot speak Spanish It's really cool, so and I actually have ten point. Four percent of my website traffic over the last couple of months has been from Spain, so it was great to see. And add a Spanish translation to my website so I'm I can be more appealing to the Spanish native speakers. So they really did a great job there and we got is used by fifty thousand websites all over the world small businesses, big names, but the main use cases include ECOMMERCE stores marketing. Websites internal Web APPs, and really anything that you want you know I did it for a podcast website, so if you WANNA see the actual product action, check out my website at no code podcast Arco and you'll you know you'll see it there in the bottom right hand corner English you just click on that and needed to Spanish. And that's another thing. They did really well. Is that button in the bottom right hand corner? Like I didn't customize it at all, and they did a really good job of making sure that you know you can see it, but it's also not a nuisance. It's very aesthetic and it. It's not something where you see it and you're like. Oh, I. Don't want that on my website. You know it's they did a really good job of of doing that. In a way that allow people to still have a really acidic and that small button not removed from that,

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