Shea Diamond: Why Music is a Tool for Trans Liberation



I'd like to start with your song. AMERICAN, Pie! I love the framing of it that you're talking about living truthfully and framing in terms of the American dream. Can you just talk about the song and what you want people to take away from it well, the thing is you know I just think about my life and my experience and just like and just. Just the many people I've met throughout the years I mean I've met a whole lot of people throughout the years from state to state running I feel like a state running from state to state. Trying to look for that place where you can find that freedom trying to find a place where you can be, you know everybody find wants to come to Hollywood. Everybody believes in that dream of of that they can do something they can do this thing and they have this dream whether it's so small as to have. House, with a picket fence and have a sickening piece of trade at home. You know that's that you can put you know your your feet on his bag and he says now. Let it rest. They're a little bit. What other situation is I mean? We've lost a the ability to dream because people have taken that away from us. They've told them us because we're queer. Because with this because we're black, because we're trans because we're gay, because the with this because we're fat, I had a dream since I was small, and I was told I cannot assess that dream, because first of all I wasn't a girl. I believe harshly. That I was female. So I've been fighting, society. Since my very existence that's gave giving society gave me my script and told me Oh. You know you're not a girl. And you came into this world. This is who you are, so they gave me a script in order to go by in refused to go by their script. Now we all came here but naked. We came in this world nude I came into this world wanting. Always wanting and I still want and who's going to say my want is not a need and I think about my existence as a trans woman, and I would not want to go back and be and uncle, because I started off gender non conforming. We started from these experience. I started as a gay man boy. Whatever you WANNA call it gay bodied person. Queen. They in Trans. Now I am a woman. I Want Society to. Adjust to that change. Trans people are who they say they are. Not who you want them to be. And when you put it in terms of that framing an as the American dream, I'm always looking for ways to sell trans acceptance for lack of better words, and that makes it hard to disagree with. Well I feel like we should never have to to sell like it's a sprite and say look. It tastes good. Feeling. Oh, I mean sell in terms of acceptance and passing laws to protect. Do we need to de Criminalized Being Trans? We're always going to be the person to be objectified in cages locked away pointed. Ridiculed spectacles. They look at us as animals if we're not sil. Sila viral silver. Some ways I cannot save for. Silver, civilized, civilized, civilized, and I guess I haven't had to say that word in a while because I've never been considered civilized. Has that been consistent in your life? That's been consistent in my life. You understand where I come from. What if the world change? Our social construct had changed, and you were told that like a black and darker with superior. How would you navigate? Would you be the same person which would be the same joyful person with the experiences that we have experienced to one day? Have your foot in our shoes people in society. They know what's going. We pretend we act like we don't. And we pretend like we want to make a change, but we really don't. What is white privilege? There's no such thing we've been given that script. And we've just adhere to it. Time in time out, and we have not then then. We don't go to this thing that all people are equal. We had to find somebody better now after we've realized that why people are in better now, black people have to be better. Somebody has to be better in order for somebody to be lesser. Somebody has to be poor in order for somebody to be rich that we monopolize off the things that's happening in this world, so we can look at the the Trans Women in their experience or people in their experience, and no, that's not us, and there will never be a weekend hold I hit up high and live safely navigate in. In this world, and these are all things that you sing about pretty directly in your music. Have the label or producers asked you not to do that so explicitly and do singing about other things well, you know I, have to be honest with Justin Justin is a visionary Justin transfer he is, he is a visionary. He had the people like we were another thing another labor one. It's sign. And the whole thing was. They wanted a lighter music they did. They wanted lighter music. Happy Music. Let's radical music I. Now there. They wanted to sign. They wanted a younger person. Another one wanted to sign. They just like we believe her story is just. It's going to overshadow the music. So, they believe that because I had a freaked up life and I survived that and I'm live in to tell my story in order to in order to encourage other people that they can survive the dare experiences, because because I'm not the only one that experienced things and I don't want people to think that I'm not a victim. I am a survivor and so to my music. I want to encourage people that you are survivor

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