Episode 14 - Part 3 - America's Powerful Underground Sex World - burst 6


A long time. Since I SAM number a former trump aide, who said he pressed a candidate about his ties dipsy in the late two thousand fourteen. As, the Real Estate Maga considered White House Ron Bottomline Donald would hang out with Epstein because he was rich. That makes sense I mean. I want sit through a A. A course on leadership and one of the greatest piece of advices are advice that was given to me was look at your inner circle. You will be the best. Of the average of the five people closest you, so if you're not hanging out with rich people, you're probably not going to be rich right so this makes sense. I kind of get that. They're following out. Trump said happened about fifteen years ago, so I've been about two thousand fourteen thousand five several years before Epstein's conviction on a prostitution. Solicitation charge. Trump has not said why their relationship ruptured. The president did say that the reason doesn't make any difference frankly. What we do know is that in two thousand and four. The two men squared off over the Palm Beach Mansion Palm. Beach, mansion just a few months later. Local police being began investigating allegations. That Epstein was sexually abusing minors. Trump has also said without providing details that he had some point band Epstein from more or Lago. It had been a typical trump. Relationship Heavily chronicled in the news media with an uncertain coordinate the surface. Photos and articles captured the men together over the years the future president of the United States. And the future convicted sex offender are F seen is longtime girlfriend maxwell trump and his girlfriend at the time Melania double dating celebrity, tennis, tournament and more. Lago parting with Britain's Prince Andrew hanging out with the National Football League cheerleaders

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