D&S Bonus- Mom and Dad are Fighting Again! - burst 09


I could blast it out to thirty four people in my in my close proximity, because I am lead into a false sense of security because I'm wearing a mask which the government told me that I should wear. We didn't tell me what kind of it masks aware. What if I was wearing? My fishing mass, which actually has which actually seems like? It's like a cargo net compared to a to a virus mask, which which it's not. Okay so I still just gotTA. Make one more comment then and who knows what other path is bigger down I'm assuming you've seen the the covid numbers across the world. Right that there are a number of countries where it has gotten much much less like down to little or none, and then there are other countries where it's still going very very badly like United States for example. Do, you know what is the difference between what they did and what we did. If you say causation correlation

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