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Talking about things in the context of thirty, sixty, ninety, you guys have heard me talk about this kind of Nauseam. It's like a cue go since talking about thirty, sixty ninety again. What does this mean? This is? A PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR DUMMIES WHY? Because I'm a dummy and I'm not. Certified I know the. I know who? Is Is. Project Management Book of knowledge or body of Knowledge Project Management Instituted Project Management Professional. Anyhow. That's not what this thirty sixty ninety. Why are we going? Accomplish the next thirty days? What are we going to accomplish in the next sixty days? What are we going to accomplish in the next ninety days? Notice I say next thirty next sixteen next ninety reason why next three next sixteen next ninety or important to me because I'm not GonNa just wait. The next period before I deliver that I'll anger try to deliver those things as soon as possible. But these are the things I want to accomplish in the next thirty days. Next Sixty S next ninety days you've heard me talk about this before in the design backward execute going forward. So if I know that I need to get a contract and in order to implant something I've going to have to get a contract. So my implementation gate is on. must do simple math your wonders in December. Center I might implementation. In order to implement on December I probably have to do some kind of proof of concept or some kind of soft launch is called the soft launch radio soft launch inside the organization to make sure things work technically. So back off. You thirty days to do that soft launch. So. In order to do that soft launch and thirty s actually got a contract in place. That means I doubt the contract in place by November I well, in order to get the contract in place by November, I gotTa have due diligence done. GotTa. Have whatever contracting process done now my take let's say that that takes fourteen days. Let's say it's really really vast. We're talking about a single page paper release things in and out the second do that fourteen days. So now by November fifteen, I've gotta have contract in hand of the person on the other end. Now I didn't factor in his what's between November fifteenth and December verse. The thanksgiving, right so got skin which is going to be a holiday period that I gotta work on. So I'm to back this up another seventy S. so now were November seven contract people were can hand. That's just if we're gonna hit everything on time. Now beyond that I've got to agree to the terms early in the contract well, that might take a couple of weeks depending on who is going to be involved. We have to give people from purchasing to get people from. Other groups do have to get the technical people involved who else needs to be part of. So what we want to have in here is an implementation plan that gets us all the way to December I kinda walks out what is that entire period look like so then we know that we at least we're nine point where we're talking about something. Let's say October first the likelihood getting that deal done is actually really really low. So if you WANNA deal done and you want to get something implemented I December probably need to be talking with those folks those folks in getting organized around things by the first of October. We don't have that place in the likelihood of US getting that deal done pretty low now if we got longer. Cell cycles than we've got to extend those in the thirty, sixty ninety becomes more challenging. So my first thirty days. My next sixty is next ninety days. Ninety days out might be we go ahead and we watch to the audience. So launch. By the end of sixties within that first sixty days, we have our soft launch plan we know who the stakeholders are. How things are going to be communicated Guy Maybe. We've got our success criteria established. Thirty years before. We've got our scoped out. And we got general buying or decision on putting these things. Now, we could plug in a lot of these things and to be honest with you. Hate when people say that. So here I go saying that I said that I can go three different occasions today including on another video recorded by what I? WanNa. DO IS WANNA. Look at this in the context of this could be three hours, six hours, nine hours. So the next three hours next six hours, nine hours I want to get in the next three days sixty days nine days next three weeks, six weeks, nine weeks. Very. Sixty ninety three months, six months, nine months. Three years, six years, nine years just break it up into smaller pieces of three so they can always start attacking those. Point time in this area and I'm not hitting on those marks I know where my risk is and I see I might have to adjust before I get too close right out here kind of work at something that's supposed to happen in ten days and the reality is we have been front of Trinity. So that's why thirty sixty ninety day are so important to me these do not need to be really complex couple ballpoints these milestones or mile markers that we want to get through the movies died posts in your journey from. One July or mcnabb drive from Austin Texas to Orange California.

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