Bit of gymnastics. This isn't Joe Biden's imagine


It's I mean, I think only Donald Trump could have exposed them this much because they they went insane. And so now we see who they really are. Um, In an interview yesterday, Joe Biden tried to make the case that the riots and the looting and the violence in Wisconsin Is a result of Donald Trump's America and I want to quote what he said. These are not images from some Imagine Joe Biden's America in the future. These air images from Donald Trump's America Today the violence were witnessing is happening under Donald Trump. Not me. It's getting worse. And we know why. Here we do. And Joe, If this is a weird I understand why they have to attempt this bit of gymnastics. This isn't Joe Biden's imagine imagination of the future. This is a look back in the past. This this happened in Barack Obama's America With Joe standing at his side. Does anybody remember in 2014 little place called Ferguson? Member the riots and streets in Ferguson. Yeah. What did they give birth to? Oh, I remember. The Marxist organization, Black lives matter. You gave birth to this your own vice presidential candidate yesterday, said in an interview. These riots are she didn't use the right, she said. Protest. But riots. These riots aren't going to stop if Joe Biden wins Nor should they They are all in with these people. Yeah, that's that's really interesting. Of course, this is obviously not the way Trump would want to handle the city's He's He's respecting the lines of the federal government's power, and I can't believe it. Yeah, no. I mean it was the last. I mean, you know, because we had very strong conversations off the air in the last year. I've said he has. He has proven himself every you know in these situations while I might disagree with some of his chalice ease here, and there he is, You know he's holding the line. Um Then I said, But you watch a crisis is coming. And if there's a crisis, this guy will become the biggest FDR. I'm just that's my last fear. That's the last box that I have to check off. They've been begging him to begging you to do it, do it to take control and violate the Constitution. And he hasn't done it. And it's Yeah. Hey, has not on I think he couldn't. I don't think he should. But I think like in this idea of like, if Donald Trump were king, he would not be with these lawyers. These democratic cities would not be run like this. Right? So you can't This despite point is B s. The other thing, too. Is the black lives matter? Thing was interesting in that after George Floyd. Really turned into a even though we were critical of the organization, and there was conservative critiques about it. It was generally a unifying concept. People were like black lives do matter, you know, and there's people saying we'll always matter too. But yeah, of course, Black lives matter, and we all agree with the actual sentence in the horse or phrase black lives matter. But at the time it went up to about plus 25 favorability. The group This is in. I think it's plus 28 nationally image in Wisconsin, specifically, plus 25. They released a new poll about black lives matter. This is before Kenosha, so it's not because they're reacting to Kenosha. A new poll came out and they were even From plus 25 0 in two months, and they were plus 75, weren't they? At one point towards the beginning, they had 75% approval. That's that's different than plus. So plus would be like It's right. Right zero is 48% favorability 48% unfavorability. That's where it is. Currently it was 24 25 points of the positive a couple of months ago not seeing the same pole where they're split. Police are plus 63. So this is wee Ah lot times get into these worlds where we let the media control what we feel. The country's is really saying they're not saying to fund the policeman and the Republicans were smart to continue to point that out. Because if they're going to allow and not denounce, need to fund the police ah, side of this argument, the rights and you've seen by give lip service to it a couple times recently because he's seeing these bowl results. If they're not going to do that. There's a huge opening here for Republicans to say We're the party that's going to keep the people the

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