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Born this way foundation, we recently celebrated our eighth birthday. So we've been around for eight years and some change, and our mission is to build a kinder braver world we were founded by Lady Gaga and her mom's Cynthia Germany. And we were born out of the personal experiences that Lady Gaga had growing up. She was a unique creative APP, spirited person that you see today from a very early age. and. oftentimes for young people when they're different and unique that's viewed as a liability instead of an asset and Lady Gaga like so many young people faced cruel of cruelty and meanness and bullying, and she was clear from a very early age that she wanted to dedicate her treasure her time in her talent to making sure that kinder braver world is possible that young people not only survived but that they were able to thrive. So our work at born this way foundation is really about the wellness of young people we work with them to foster healthy conversations about mental house, connecting young people to the resources that they need around their mental health and creating opportunities for people to recognize, prioritize, and practice kindness towards themselves and others the the work has three main goals that I spend time on every day with the incredible team. The first is to make kindness. Cool. The second is to validate the emotions of young people around. The world and the third is to eliminate the stigma that surrounds mental health. So brilliant and congratulations on your birthday that that's really great. Thank you. So what kind of age range is it that you're working with because you said young people? Yeah. That's a great question. So I, the majority of the young people that the foundation works with fall between the thirteen to thirty five age ridge we believe young people. This generation are real uniquely positioned to solve problems for themselves and for society as a whole lady Gaga. Of Our team, actually also fit within that age range. So we're part of this. Diverse inclusive collaborative, hopeful generation. But because of WHO Lady Gaga is in the world, we are fortunate enough to have community members ranging from my five year old daughter to grandma Gaga who is an incredible older lady who's just a huge fan and supporter of our work. We've a really diverse community at the foundation and we're very proud of that. We're kind of. The foundation do in terms of you mentioned in that signposting young people, tools, resources how does it go about doing that? That's a great question. Thank you so much. So they're the the work that the foundation does fall in two buckets that I is the work that we do around kindness in. So we're gearing up right now for one of my favorite campaigns every year it's called be kind twenty one and you can join us and follow it. Hashtag be kind twenty one we know from science than if you do something for twenty one days in a row at the, there's a higher likelihood of it becoming a habit and with kindness kindness isn't this transactional one time event or offering. It's really habit a muscle that we need to us over and over again. So this campaign was built three years ago by the the sadness and unease of a young mom who s boileau spoiler alert was me. Whose son was starting kindergarten I, you would've thought my son was going off to college the way that I was emotionally preparing for him to be in kindergarten and I met with his principal and she asked if I would be interested in volunteering in the school and I made a joke. That unless it had something to do with kindness, which was the work that I focused on at the foundation I. Wouldn't be able to do it since I spent so much time traveling, and so she was smart enough at to sign me a role with an elementary school that focused on kindness and that's how kind twenty one was born initially built it for my son's kindergarten class. The first year we had four, hundred, forty, thousand people sign up a resulting over one point of kindness. Last year, we had a little bit over one point eight million people sign up resulting in forty, two, million unique acts of kindness. So that's one of my favorite. Very, personal campaigns that we do around kindness in the bucket of mental health. Really Proud of the partnership that we have with the National Council on Behavioral Health we've worked with them to pilot a program called Keen Mental Health First Aid, which teaches ten through twelfth graders, the vocabulary, the resources, the knowledge around their mental health I'm I'm thirty six years old than I when when I was in high school and when I was in college I was never. taught about mental health I was never. In in class or after class talked about talk to about how to seek resources had to get help how to talk to a friend that struggling and partnership with the National Council. We want to change that and we want to embed conversations around mental health into the curriculum. So we were really proud to host that program in eighty three school walls this past year, and we're looking at expanding in in the fall.

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