21 New Coronavirus Cases Linked To Off-Campus Parties Thrown By Holy Cross Students, Boston


Of covert cases in the Wooster is rising. After reports ofthe Holy Cross students throwing off campus parties. The college now confirming 21 new cases of Kobe have been linked to the partying. W B Z T V's to Shawnee Whitlow has reaction from the school in a statement to W B Z that reads. In part, we have continued to work with our students living in the Worcester area on the importance of following social distancing guidelines wearing a mask. When in public and doing everything they can to help slow the spread of the Corona virus. People who live near campus are now worried when she stopped that this thing is really City says it is working with the college to identify those who tested positive. They also planned to meet with college officials to develop a plan to stop the spread of Colvin, both on campus and off Corona

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