College football is going strong.


Test positive for cocaine 19 in theory in college football, you're not gonna be able to perform in play. Now, the L S u situation does beg the question to what degree is that being enforced? We don't have the information publicly. But on the other hand, we got 20 games have been canceled. So the fact is that your behavior as a college football player is going to impact the season the same way your behaviors in Major League baseball player did this, you know had the same impact. When the Cardinals in the Marlins didn't do the things they should The same way that the NFL is going to continue to be played or not be played. Based on whether or not guys contract this virus and this were college football also is in some danger of not being around and where again. The Pac twelve's return. And look, I'm excited. I am we haven't we haven't actual college football Saturday tomorrow that looks and smells and feels like one right The quacks like a duck, and it looks like a duck. It's probably a duck. And that's on ly going to increase with the Pac 12 returning and beyond that another really aging football aspect of this right because everything now is shaded through the reality that sports aren't just sports now. Everything in our society going out to dinner with my kids, hoping I have the job that I have a contract after three years you trying to say, employed to support your family. It's all filtered through the covert 19 reality, even if we disagree on what that reality is. That that's just That's just a fact. But we get two more of the sports aspect because the A, C C is going to play 1 11 Games conference Only the Big Ten's goingto play eight games conference. Only back 12 7 games are six in division and one out of division. So when they play the Pac 12 championship game, it's mostly going to be winner of one division versus one or the other. Only the SEC of of those for conferences is really looking at in a big way, but I think it's nine plus one is what they're doing in there. 10 Games nine SEC Games one on a conference game. There isn't going to be this. Ability. For the folks in charge of college football playoff for prognosticators and talking heads like me for passionate fans like you to say, Well, no back. 12 lost to Auburn Week too, And so they obviously don't believe belong in the college football playoff. This is the recipe for the year where we should I think pretty unequivocally have four. Of the power five conferences representing the 14 College football playoff, because you can't do the false equivalence here may be accurate. Comparison that one conference didn't stand up against the other In the small sample sizes. They're just playing each other. So it is actually a huge opportunity for the Pac 12. The joke out here goes. I'm a big 10 guy kind of how I was raised right in my university. So I went to his pact with big 12, and now I'm a zoo. Now it's sec but from the middle the country dude, But I always get frustrated on behalf of the Pac 12 because it's like the country's always looking for a reason to pretend that not to have to pretend they're watching games at 10 o'clock at night on Saturday. Out on the West Coast. So these coasters can't do that now takes over the back, 12. You know you're USC or your UC later or you win the Pac 12. Championship game on presumably December 8th 18th in that range, you should be going to college football playoff. But the fact is that it's uncertain whether we're even going to get there. For a few reasons. We're going to know whether or not all these conference made the right decision. The SEC has always led the way in football. For good reason They have the most talent. And that brings about the most coaching talent they have not like They used to. But there was a stretch of years where there was the SEC and the team from that conference. It was going to win. Constable Championship and the teams that were going to get to compete in the championship against him. It was mostly Alabama but wasn't obviously in its entirety. Alabama following the SCC down the path of complicated, nuanced decision making science versus the need to make money. The love of college football vs The culture wars that have played out in this bizarre and awful 2020. I don't know whether the SEC is is who I want blazing a trail for me. They maybe we're going too far. We're gonna find out but not just because Coben Nineteens everywhere It's going to spread and we're going to see to what degree it's problematic. But because yes, the NFL is going strong and they've been able to play football and to those of you listen the car saying, Ryder, you're being anti football. You're not pulling out the fact high school football has been really successful. Yes. Highschool football has been successful around the country. We've answered, I think and I look, I'm not a doctor, and I'm not an expert, but I am smart enough to be able to read and talk to people who are. I think we've answered the question. Can you play football outside and have it in a way that's safe? Yeah. Turns out you can. I was skeptical when I was doing radio building for Jim Rome and Pat McAfee. When he was in the slot before right. I was skeptical. I don't know. Looks like we can. What we can't guard against bad behavior. NFL players are incentivized. You have good behavior. They are paid a lot of money not to go and hang out with the boys or the girls go to the club and Major League baseball canary in the coal mine again Gonna pick on the Cardinals of Marlin because their bad behavior was amplified in such a massive way. Didn't just jeopardize your team seasons or even Major league baseball season in jeopardise sports in America and all of our abilities on the couch on the West Coast at 10 am drinking beer until our wife It's okay sports, right? They did. But they also got paid enough money that they understood. Okay. I got to take this seriously and conversely, for college for high school athletes. Excuse me. Look, are some high school kids sneaking away doing thing? Of course. They're high school kids, but they live in home with her parents. Right, in theory to her curfews and things going on. It's easier to control the behavior of those young men and those young women. College football athletes are not in that situation that I paid enough

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