Order is in effect at Jefferson Square.



Asymptomatic. With polls showing him trailing in Virginia President Trump will visit the common well tonight for a rally in Newport News. A crowd of about 4000 is expected. But Thursday, the peninsula help district director warned a gathering like that would be a severe public health threat and would violate governor North ums executive orders. President Trump was in North Carolina Thursday for a campaign rally and spoke about his America first health care plan, he said it features more choice, lower cost for families and the protection of people with preexisting conditions. Order is in effect at Jefferson Square. Preexisting conditions are much safer with us than they are with them, and now we haven't affirmed. This is a firm signed and done so we can put that to rest. President also had a rally last night in Florida, Joe Biden took a break from the campaign trail Thursday to do prep for next week's debate. Ruth Bader Ginsburg has become the first woman to lie in state of the U. S. Capitol.

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