Could A Crowdfunded Wellness Venture Capital Firm Succeed? #1030



Something. I've been thinking about for quite a while now is the idea of a wellness incubator orange juice operator or even a venture capital firm focused on the wellness space. And the reason I think that a vehicle like that might be particularly successful right now is because many people in the spacer, of course unemployed or at least underemployed many people are out there trying their own Ventures now starting their own little businesses and they need access to much more than just the capital of the money. They need access to advice and guidance on things like all manner of business matters, like marketing and legal and hate jar and all sorts of elements of their business that they need assistance with and they're they're sort of surfing Is that a good Venture Capital firm of course would provide and then I think rather than just having the standard LP structure limited partners structure. We're big investors essentially put money into found would a crowd-sourced venture capital fund focused on Wellness be something that would take off right now because just like people are currently under employed and looking for employment. There's also people with jobs and with money who are looking to deploy their capital in ways to maybe make some more money. So I wonder if a crowdsourced crowdfunded venture capital firm focused on Wellness would be a success right now. What do you reckon? Do? Let me know in the comments below I would be interested to hear what people think about this cuz I know personally from conversations that I've had over the recent weeks and months. I know that there's a lot of you out there and looking to start your own business a lot of you would love the access to a fun to drop. I don't know a couple of hundred thousand dollars. Or even you know, three or four or five hundred thousand dollars into your Venture, but also need the guidance and advice that comes with that. So what do you reckon crowdfunded Wellness Venture Capital firms? Yes or no. Let me know in the comments below already that is it for today. I do think if your time and I will be back again tomorrow see yeah.

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