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Producing the phosphene. How are we going to check what he really needs to some sort of mission to Venus to scoop up this stuff on your? Planned tool. Well, there'd be many missions to Venus over the years, but none of them has been directed looking at life and I know that year Ramona, the philanthropists who created the breakthrough initiative. The breakthrough prizes is interested in looking for life somewhere in the solar system, and he's being considering Selah and Europa miles and also Venus and I. Think this is attractive because it's relatively easy to get to, for example, compared to enceladus. When it comes to living things I wasn't living things maybe prejudiced by the earth that they have to be in the company with other living things different species you can't just be there on your own. Even if you're up in the clouds, I just wonder how it would work what you devolve from and it makes you wonder whether it came from somewhere else about. Yes. So you're quite right that normally you would expect anytime ecosystem not just the single species of organism and we know that within the Soda System, the planet's an aquarium seemed from time to time. The takes a hit with enough false from comet or an asteroid splatter rocks all around the solar system. We know Mars rocks come here to Earth movies ever found of the new version rock but I'm sure they are here and likewise earthworks go to Venus and Mars. These rocks can convey microorganisms cocooned inside of rock microbes can be very happy and easily survive the journey. So there's no doubt whatever in my mind that Earth life has gone to Venus whether it's found a congenial home, there is another matter, but it's not inconceivable that acidic microbes traveling in displaced rocks ejected from Earth by these impacts would have plunged through the vision atmosphere and some of these little bugs would have made a ham there. It's a little bit of a stretch but not so much of a stretch as dispose that life. Arose. The NOVEAU ON. Venus as well as on earth live arising from scratch. So if there is life on. Chances are it's just boring own life. It's not the second genesis that we would all love because the big question we want to know is is the universe teeming with life or is it restricted to earth? Is Life on earth some sort of bizarre freak a chemical accident that occurred only once in the universe or is there a sort of life principle that means? Where have you have conditions suitable for life somehow comes out a lot of people like to believe the latter finding life on Venus would not necessarily settle that because if it's just same old life as earthlife while then ordered says his life has happened at least once and it just spread around a bit didn't goldilocks existing anywhere in the solar system apart from Earth But what finally, what what can we make of Mercury? So close to the sun with such strange movements, any chance to something possibly be found there are a lot of mercury I think is really stretch the one thing. Going for it is it's pays lock that is to keep slump as tend to the sound, and so there's a sort of transitions. But you see it has no atmosphere. It's very hard to imagine that there is a habitat on mercury but. Things a lot impossible. The same thing with the Moon we know that in permanently shadowed craters on the moon, there's water ice easy conceivable that somehow in beneath the surface of the moon boy, this world Rice's around there might be some sort of life thingy on these up very extreme conditions. So my feeling is the best candidate for life beyond death and the service system is still Mars pull Davis Fronts, the beyond center for fundamental concept in charge at the Arizona State University, and we'll keep you posted.

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