What it's like inside a prisoner transport van


Know, with like two seats on either side. It's like a Greyhound bus. And I mean, instead of a cushy ceased at the Greyhound bus is happy. They had these little part plastic siya and you have to deal with these CEOs and every guy we talked to about this had something to say about how the CEO's act when they're on those transport buses. And you Talk. I'll pull this bus over and kick you. And if you get up without asking to go to the restroom, you will get DP. So what is dp me? Disciplined, physically physically disciplined, And if they do hear some talking, they're going to stop the bus Pull you off the bus. Give you a little bit of what they call it. They used to call it. What was it wrote there? That's what they do. Religiousness, just a gang a threat to us and what's the longest right that you've been on? It was three days going from prison, a prison of prison prison prison collect and everybody that was going to the shu in other places, and we went all the way up north to Crescent City, which is like Eureka. Oh, you're almost in Oregon and I actually went through organ to get to Pelican Bank Indian stopped at one of the prisons and you'll stay there overnight. And sometimes they put you to say you've been a hallway just sitting on a bench all night waiting on them to come get me, But I say it is nice. Uh, I've had some hippie, right? I believe you, but not like Mambo Alley. My name's Elita Bora. I served 12 little over 12 years in the California Department of Corrections been home about four years now. Back and wanted to say was around 2008. I got transfer away from San Quentin because they needed the cells for hire custody, incarcerated people so They shipped me off to California Men's colony. Okay. But the thing that is really difficult for Ali is that he had been taking college classes at San Quentin, right, And they don't have a program like that at CMC. So when he got transferred All of that stopped. And so I Li started doing everything he could to get back to San Quentin. The executive director of college programs like Live Just Hang tight. We're going to try to get you back so you can finish your college degree. I was like, OK, cool. Pretty soon Ali got called to a classifications here, which is an administrative thing you have to do before your transfer. So they called me two classifications like Yeah, she did it. She's get me back to San Quentin. So I go up in the classifications hearing and they're like, Yeah, we'll put you up for transfer and I'm just sitting there. Got my arms folded a little bit, You know, thinking, Yeah, they did this. This is yeah. You go into an out of state facility. Out of state facility. Yeah, they used to do that do that. It was common when the federal courts told California tto Lord overcrowded and as was like you've got to be kidding me. I'm supposed to be going back to San Quit in the classification hearings. They don't even let you talk man. I tried to talk. They just like well about to bring that up with your counselor and went back to the dorm. I was devastated. So Ali, facing another long ride on the great ghouls. This time he's headed out of state and a world away from San Quentin in the college classes, and it's like when you move anywhere. It's like you're starting a new life on ly In this situation. You have no control over it. You have no idea what that life is going to be. You're taking away from everything that's familiar. And your life is totally in somebody else's hands.

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