Q&A 418: The Latest Research On Longevity, Ketones, Baking Soda, Fasting & More, Insane Biohacking Celebrities, How To Fix Your Vision Without Glasses & Much More.


News. The good news is I have a podcast for you today a massive Cuna podcasts. We've had so much research and questions building up that I just had to record one of these four you. However the bad news is that my usual trustee Hilarious Sidekick J. T. wiles is not going to be joining me today I just got a text about an hour ago. That his son fell down the stairs, his sons. Okay. But a father needs to be with son I understand that. So I'm hopping on today's episode. Solo. So before I jump into today's newsflashes would've been up to lately things you might find interesting a I decided that after a hunting trip in New Mexico during which I largely eight a meet and be something called Kito bricks, which is just basically a just what it sounds like a giant Kito genyk brick primarily comprised of cacao butter and coconut oil, and a little bit of sea. Salt and Capelle Cacao powder. If I can talk there are thousand calories in one of these bricks. So I pretty much just kind of much on those eight meet the whole time and I felt so good. So so good in terms of energy levels that I decided that for the next month, I'm going to eat a Akito Carnivore Diet Som- essentially just eating meat organ meats. Some Sea salt a little bit of honey a few little little pieces of tuber here and there like particularly a bit of Pumpkin and squash few berries and then some of these kito bricks. So I'm Kito Carnival for the month and actually feel really good about six days in and my energy levels are fantastic. First few days as is common on a carnivore diet as your. Gut Biomass adjusts or as your body learns to create more bile and hydrochloric acid in response to all the meat had a little bit of, shall we say liquid Pu. But that's actually pretty common and I think over that Hump so to speak, and so that's I'm eating this month. BBC. Random food photos on instagram of me with liver and giant one thousand Calorie Kito bricks. That's why. anyways, the other interesting thing is that the smoke has been horrible smoke where I live in spokane. Washington is worse than it has been ever in the history of the city, the air pollution where I'm living at right now is the highest air pollution levels in the entire world. So I have largely been living indoors the past few days me and my family are both taking copious amounts of both fish oil and the new kion immune vitamin. C.. Product based on studies I looked into this. This'll be interesting for any of you who are in polluted areas right now due to all these fires but anyways. I found some some good randomized control trials of antioxidants particularly vitamin C. and also Omega three polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation to actually pretty pretty beneficial for the oxidative stress that occurs in response to air pollution, and so I'm doing a lot of vitamin C. doing a lot of fish oil staying indoors quite a bit but the air pollution has been hefty. So I'm pretty much inside stuffing revise in giant one thousand. Calorie Kito breaks into my face and enjoying life quite a bit. That's what I'm up to and as I jump into today's podcast episode especially with all these newsflashes, all the research. I'm

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