LeBron James and the Miami Heat: From Champions to Breakup to NBA Finals Opponents

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Brian Windhorst you have spent I think the last decade of your life trying to establish successfully establishing by the way that you are a lot more than the Lebron guy after knowing and covering him longer than any other human being in our business dating back to your high school days in Akron and then even through the time you famously up and moved to Miami to cover him there. So I just want to begin by apologising for pulling you back into the orbit of the same son we've been worshiping for now seventeen years well I wouldn't be here but for Lebron I, extraordinarily fortunate to meet him when He. Was Fourteen years old his move to Miami in open the door for me to come to ESPN. So I, Oh, Lebron immensely, and while all of us want to spread our wings as we get older certainly would never shy away from or or tire from looking at this this guy because he's been influential character in my life and thankfully and influential character in the history of the NBA. Yeah. That was incredibly well said but now it's time to get super messy because in this case in this series where there are so many different interesting storylines and angles, it does feel like past might be prologue. I want to go back ten years now. It is July ninth, two, thousand and ten and Lebron James is introduced to heat fans for the first time along with Dwayne Wade and Chris. Bosh introduced to the NBA really for the first time as this big three and Lebron is asked about his plan for winning championships in Miami. Three kings came down here to win championships. Not One championship to Lebron. Tell us about that not too on. Now. Now by. Not. Fix. So at that moment. How did the Miami Heat See Lebron era playing out? Pat Riley thought that that was. The Greatest Dynasty team that he had ever been able to be a part of. Better than magic and Kareem and James Worthy. Better. Than Shack and Dwayne Wade better than the hopeful teams that he had with the next with Patrick Ewing and Allan Houston John starks. He thought this was one of the greatest teams in the history of the NBA. He saw a horizon for a decade where they would be in the finals year after year after year and maybe they wouldn't win it every year and maybe they wouldn't win five six or seven Lebron said, but they would rack up. It was going to be his sunset team. He was going to ride this dynasty out and then go into the sunset and it was an incredible for years. It was one of the most prolific four year runs in the history of the NBA, but it wasn't that dynasty and Pat. Riley, has never one hundred percent ever gotten over.

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