How can we safely reopen international borders?



So there's been a lot of talk in the last couple of days about the international border and particularly from the Prime Minister says that international rivals from safe corona virus countries could avoid Herta quarantine and instead of going into Mandatory Hotel quarantaine people from those countries could go and do it in their own home. There's been quite a few questions about this coming through it. ABC. Dot Net dot edu slash corona cast including one from Kathy who says, what does Norman think of the PM suggestion about that Safe Countries Avoiding Hotel Quarantine? So this is an a nuanced, not easy problem to deal with. So there are some countries which do have very low prevalence of the virus. There's not many of them by the way, but there are some in which case you have people quarantining at home. You probably have large numbers quarantining. Technology rights even from paces with slightly higher prevalence. You only one person to get out by the way and spread the virus and you've got a major outbreak on your hands. So there is a risk they are, but you could have ankle bracelets which people could pay for, and that would be cheaper than hotel quarantine for two weeks you could have geo location on your phone you could. Have fines for giving you a phone to somebody else. But you've got to be able to know that the police whoever's going to administer canister this at huge scale, but it's possible to do that with modern technology. So it's not a bad idea and it could loosen top and it could listen up for international students particularly if you add rapid testing to the equation, but we don't ask that. Level of imposition from the government on ankle bracelets for people who are infected domestically and I selecting at Harmon we've we've spoken about this on chronic hospital four but also kathy also makes the point that one of the countries named was Japan which had more than four hundred cases on September twenty eighth alone, and she says as a Melbourne Ian in lockdown she's furious because as as you've noted, Norman that it only. Takes one case to to start another wife Yes. So you've just got to be very, very careful and this is not something you could turn on tomorrow. This is something that's got to have an infrastructure in place to make it manageable and to be as fail safe as it possibly can be. The Abbey's reported a couple of experts saying that it actually could work one was Robert and the other was paid calling. So. Do you think it's worthwhile though like if wages taking only a few countries admittedly with low A. numbers that it would help or is it just sort of opening up this slow step towards making it back to trying to get life back to normal? One way that you could do this is open it up to lure countries, get the system, right get a working with ankle bracelets or however you're going to do it get the systems in place and do it with relatively few travelers from Lewis places while Hotel Corentin is going on in parallel you could actually compare the two and see what the rate. Of positivity is you could combine it with rapid testing before you leave when you arrive and the middle of the of the quarantine periods, you could do this at scale with international students from Laura places like China one assumes that China at the moment Israel Risco that you can't be sure. So there are ways of dealing with this, which is not. That all of a sudden on the fifteenth of October hypothetically just starting to do this you might just ease your way into it learn how to do it in a safe way, and then you could scale up quite rapidly. Having said that you got to experts saying this is a good idea not not really a problem and you go professor Rhino, McIntyre Who's been pretty accurate predictions right through this Pandemic University of new, south Wales saying well, numbers would soon overwhelm you and you be able to cope. It does seem a bit strange talking about international arrivals to Australia win still many state borders are getting better but they're still closed. I mean you couldn't come down and visit me in Tasmania at the moment. But I'd have to quarantine. You'd have to come visit me through the window. You're right. But INTERNAL BORAS WE'LL start opening up your already. See a bit of relaxation in. Western. Australia with Corentin. NEW APP which they think is going to work in terms of how are monitoring people. Technology is the answer here, which would include I think rapid testing. So moving to Victoria, the numbers have been falling in recent days the average fourteen day data graph, which we all love looking at every single day continues to fall, but it does seem like healthcare workers are still getting infected. Yes and just today the updated healthcare worker numbers, and so the last week there have been twenty four H. Care Workers Nurses one doctor one, paramedic one allied health professional infected. So they're still comprising a fairly significant percentage of the. Total cases in Victoria and shows that there are still problems there and the thing is that there are catching up with numbers. So the numbers coming through very orgy complex cases you've got healthcare workers suddenly increasing you don't win there were infected the numbers from Victoria I'm sure they are trending down, but they are not as said this again and again they're not as transparent as they luke. Okay.

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