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Let's start with a look at a European capital that's often overlooked by the beach crowd who enjoy Croatia's crystal clear coastline. But miss out on the scene in its capital city. It has a distinctively modern take on old world charm and it's just a few hours inland. To tell us about saga we're joined now by local guide Darya goateed. She's joined by Ben Curtis who writes about the Balkan regions elaborate history and thinks that Croatia's best period may be now Darya in Ben Welcome my pleasure. Same. Thank you for having. US Doria. You're from Zagreb your guide in Zagreb, a lot of Americans no Dubrovnik. Venice and a lot of Americans know the Anna Zagreb is right there in the middle. What should we know about Zagreb? Nanna. Saga is I would say the mix of. All these big capitals around and all these much better known cities around from historical perspective It was influenced by different cities and countries. So we have a little bit of all of that. What's an example? How is it a little bit of? How is it a little bit of Italy says it a little bit of the Slavic World So? obas part of the hops Burke monarchy later austro-hungary for few hundred. Years. And then architecture in town is very much what we would call out through nor Central European. So the mixture of Hungarian hungarian-austrian. We don't have much Dubrovnik textures that. Is Zog. Is completely different about the cuisine that scene is also very influenced by Austria but not only that we do eat struggles and. A lot of meat and potatoes and then on the other hand we also eat. A lot of Pasta beat some. We are very sensitive on coughing, and then we also have the Turkish influence because arguable also for few centuries, just about forty, five, fifty miles Sir north from the Ottoman Empire boarder okay. It's a crossroads release across through the s the Ben Curtis here in American who has a fascination and a deep interest in this part of Europe how would you say Zagreb is unique Zagreb is unique for being this gem of a central European capital. So everybody can measure saying they know Budapest, Vienna, they know Prague, but here's this. Gym of a historical city that hardly any American visits right and even though Zagreb stars rising on the Tourism Front these days but you can go there and it's not gonna be jammed with busloads of tourists from all over the place you're not gonNA hear a lot of other North American accents and you're going to be able to experience the city where the fabric of locals you're going to be sitting in a cafe with mostly other people from Zagreb, and that's great and it's hard to find that in Dubrovnik are in Vienna these days a year. Exactly. So if you had two nights in in one Danes, is there enough to keep you busy. Yeah. For sure I think, what would you do if you're gonNA show me around for a day the it's a great kind of one day stop if you're coming in and out for some of the coast. So Zagreb surprisingly has some of I think are the best museums of its kind in Europe now they're quirky right? You don't. Go desire grab for the Louvre or something like that. But you go to Zagreb for these unusual small museums like the Museum of naive art, which is great sort of not formally trained perhaps painters but really characteristic art with peasant themes. The famous one which is kind of made headlines around the world is a museum of broken relationships which is filled with these stories of couples who have broken up the objects that they have Meant something to them and they've given it this museum and so it's just a really interesting kind of poignant sometimes hilarious trip through people's relationships. So when we think of this naive art, I love this idea because you go to most art galleries in Europe Bennett, the opposite of naive arted this refined fully embraced high-society art but naive art is by definition just unschooled hasn't Sir Working People that just had a passion for painting. Exactly but are often very, very talented even if they didn't train at the academy or something like that but they're expressing the lives and cultures and artistic visions of people from the rural areas and it's genius really an undiscovered genius that happen to come out of the farm community or something absolutely. I love that museum by the way that that's really one of the unique things in Europe and it is in the capital of Croatia Zagreb.

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