Tens of thousands of airline workers are facing furloughs and loss of their health insurance


Continue today between Congress and the White House on another Corona virus relief package, and the urgency is growing. We got news today that another 8,837,000 people filed for unemployment last week. Slightly down from the week before, and the fifth consecutive week that claims have stayed below one million. But there may soon be more than than March March Cares. Cares. Act Act provision provision prohibiting prohibiting layoffs layoffs expired expired at at midnight, midnight, striking striking a a blow blow to to airline airline workers. workers. And And U. U. S. S. Airlines Airlines began began laying laying off off and and furloughing furloughing tens tens of of thousands thousands of employees, including 32,000 involuntary furloughs at United and American Airlines combined. Sarah Nelson joins us now by Skype. She is international, president of the Association of Flight Attendants Union representing some 50,000 workers. And Sarah tens of 1000 furloughed your reaction. We've been telling Congress for months that this would happen, But now we're here. The problem is that this is just today. There's no backstop now because thes requirements of the airlines for no layoffs are gone. And so as we continue with only 15% of the revenue from a year ago Is all due to Corona virus and the impact of that there are likely other layoffs coming and we're just the tip of the spear because for every aviation job we support one and 14 jobs in this country, So this is going to start a real tsunami of job loss and it's It's just It's devastating.

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