Alone, Together

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I was born burst shave I grew up in Beersheva that's God defeats new today. God. These a fifty years old but forty years ago when Gandhi was just ten UA sent out on an errand that basically landed him where he is today. Major said to buy milk. Find the puppy and just take the puppy, bring it to my mother and she said, no, no. No, he's not going to stay here. Sorry and she took me together with the pappy today shelter. Bersheva the SPCA or southbound clean is the society for the prevention of Cruelty to animals. They mainly give shelter to abandoned an injured cats and dogs and try to find homes for them. They also have a lot of educational activities and raise awareness for the wellbeing of animals. The Israeli chapter was actually founded long before the state. In, one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty, seven during the British mandate. With route anyway God the mother stepped into the local bill chef branch in God couldn't believe his eyes. Remember was shopping so so many dogs barking and barking and I was so sad like I understood it's a good place for them. was begging begging to be they want to say come in and play with them and talk to them, and maybe hug them. So dennehy I realized that I. Need to come almost every day, and then I start to come almost every day after school instead of school. Saturdays and holidays. That was my oldest childhood. Gaddi became extremely committed volunteer leaving the shelter working with the dogs around. Selling cookies and lemonade to make. Sense for the dogs and cats everything everything. Really, see my heart I don't know something that I always say Kenneth See animals suffering and they need help and not to do anything and did you convince your mother to Let You keep the dog I try to but didn't success but after. A she they agreed that the we have a dog, we adopted a dog. A in Bursch Chevron and we have a dog but. The first one that you said, no, it's changed my life. I think. I think she today's vca. You knows maybe take me there got the ultimately left bill ship and moved to Tel Aviv. But one thing hasn't changed from then I did leave the. For the last twenty years he served as the organization's spokesperson and let's just say he's been pretty busy since the pandemic struck into Gerona time. It's starting very bad. A lot of people start to abandon. The animals was scared at what what's going to be now going to have so many animals that people want to throw away people are scared if they can bring this to them, you know the Koran they the Koran out they I don't know just Keb ages not contagious people. Emphatically, it'll be the number of abandoned animals spiked and amid all the uncertainty and chaos of those early days. Got The and his colleagues tried to reassure the public retell. The people don't be afraid it's not contagious from. To human beings and for you. Don't be afraid. And then something happened suddenly spca shelters around the country were packed but not with abandoned animals instead, they were packed with people. Seeking to adopt a quarantine companion, you know people want to adopt dogs and cats in the time I think the virus Gerona did something great for the abandoned animals almost all day shelters in Israel are M. T. now adoption adoption adoption option option adoption, everyday adoption, lot corruption I. Never See before never never never seen before unbelievable it's something that. I don't know what to say thanks Kona while it's very good for those indicates that they don't want the corner state for sure I. Don't want say they want the dogs cats find good place

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