Miami - Two tropical systems threaten Gulf Coast


It's been some time. Since this has happened to tropical storms headed towards the central Gulf Coast Depression number 14 may become a hurricane by the time it makes landfall near the Texas Louisiana coast. Tropical Storm Laura expected to be a cat one hurricane by the time it makes landfall near the Florida Alabama border, Weather Channel meteorologist Mark Thibodeau says both storms could run into problems First, Laura how much land interaction and with Marco does a sheer relax enough over the Southern Gulf that once it gets out away from the sheer we gotta rapidly strengthen. Of the two names systems at the same time, eventually making landfall at the same time in the Gulf, according to CBS 12, Having two systems in the Gulf of the same time happened twice before, once the 1933 and again in 1959 Tropical Storm Laura is steaming right along at 17 MPH heading west with 45 MPH winds. It's moving over the Leeward Islands and will be over Puerto Rico later this morning. Most of Florida now out of the forecast Cone with the exception of the Florida Keys,

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