232 - Live at the De Meervaart in Amsterdam (2018)


What's band surname? Just said that sentence. Feeling we've? Been here, you've never been here. Oh, no, you you're. I have been here Ya Shit all right. Let's start over. But when I was here, I was here in high school. I'm one of those tours where you go to one country a day in. Yeah so just like we were just in France, and we got drunk and France now. We're GONNA GET DRUNK IN AMSTERDAM. Who's idea was that you know my high schools? High School guys. Real stupid. Yes, we are high school. Yeah, we. I've never been here and I am rally with it I met four cats yesterday. Own An each one was killed in the next. They're all happy to see me. In the beginning. A? That one. It looked like you guys look like you're gonNA. Take that first one home. Yeah, then it was this moment of joy because we went and sat down at this outdoor cafe. By a canal. It was so beautiful I. This great dress on, and we're having a fear. It's like my fucking ideal day, and then this fucking. The first cat comes up and we're just like Oh my God. This is so cool and then it. I was going to try to put it on my lap, but I was scared I was going to get scratched and everything. Instead it was like give me a minute and just jumped on my lap without asking. And I was just in heaven, and I was heading it and putting it and putting in so many pictures. So many pictures, and then it was done, so it bit me and run away. which I totally respected, it was done by goodbye. And now I'd say she has about four still. Roughly. Fight like means was used to. It was like no no breaking of skin. Actually goodbye like you go by. But what's funny is when that cat I walked up. It was like the cutest cat you've ever seen. A bit you and ran I was like God. That cat was dirty. Suddenly. Ill? It's covered sit. Yeah, doing I definitely wouldn't have done if I were home because that could just bring my dirty dressed back to the hotel room. It's wetter, but I wouldn't have brought it home to my house. I love is that I would say about twenty minutes later. Georgia's like I'm covered in flees. Lease. Had Lice. What were you saying? Lease Police Fleet. Yeah, it was really funny. Definitely had fleas. She was like full body fleas I'm like the cat was on your dress. Never had time to leave that dress area. They're sticking around. Speaking, we had our laundry. We've been on tour for not very long, but we had our first day off yesterday and Oh my God. We smelled so bad. Every closed where these dresses. Mine is still does Oh. I can't I couldn't machine wash this dress. Yeah, and I was like I should just roll the dice and try it because talk about cats. This dress smells like nineteen cavs. Panicked and he'd all over it. Not, a good smell at all. And but when I collected all my laundry to get done, I was just like. Just get the key items that like are depressing me. The most I've won sweater. That smells so much like yogurt. Just, it was really horrible and I was like I'll just power through it. And then we got our laundry done. Then some Iraqi la- signed a fucking partner who will go do laundry in a foreign country. He doesn't know understand the directions on how to do laundry. It just like he's like I. They smell clean. I don't know if they're actually cleaned. Yeah, that's all that matters is amazing. That was this same night. We went to sleep. We got there. We got into town got here and. there. That town that world saying. We got to town I went to sleep I think immediately, and then I woke up at like eleven thirty like Ono. Now I'm hungry. I didn't eat dinner. I don't know what to do, so I just walked out of the hotel started walking around. This neighborhood walked. Yeah and then. They're all these beautiful canals went. Bad thing could happen to me down this alley. Yeah the next day when I saw it I was like that was a huge mistake. Not. Done that, but eventually I found my way to McDonald's of course. It's kind of fun though I ended up in at McDonald's. They have self serve like. We don't have these mistakes. Is because no one can be trusted to do anything by themselves, but they have actually big. Boards you walk up and touch things and order. You're on food. You're like. Yes, we know. I've never seen it before and I. Don't speak this language even remotely like even slightly so I was just touching green buttons that seem like a good idea to touch. And then there finally one where it came down I couldn't figure out what to touch and the only thing that looked right was a red button where I'm like they can't have done it that like that's tricky is fuck if they made it a red button so I look at Ho- is not read. The order is to be rarely read right. So I looked it up on my phone and the word meant destroy. I should probably just press this button and get back to. Hotel Room I think either way you. It's true it's all destruction. Yeah McDonald's do get it. Oh, so yesterday we. Were writing around. No, we weren't. We were walking around. We were trying to avoid people riding around. I did hit a guy in the leg and I was just like Oh like a bicycle, or and I felt like such a fucking asshole, American just like. And then we're camera out in front. Then this guy on a bike who looked like these tall blonde? He looked like he was like an Olympic swimmer. And he was just riding his bike there like we all like that. Pretty Standard. He has headphones on and. We hear as he goes by go but I'm going to do it. He goes. Put Poke. Poke poke her face. Her. Just. Zoom away. Amazing picture riding a bike. Looking Nordic book now when I heard it, and I can't remember if that was before or after we visited a coffee house or whatever they're called sure it was after a pot cafe. It just sounded to me like Book Book

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