What Keeps Us From Our Coins?


Welcome back to the show. Listen. If you're listening to this show most likely you have Internet and if you have Internet that means most likely, you're probably doing all right in a pandemic. Just going to be grateful. For the little things, right Today. I have a very important show for you guys because guess, what is coming up this week? Black. Women's Equal Pay Day on August thirteenth. and. So today I wanNA talk about what keeps us from our coins. Today we're going to focus on our mindset and we're going to unpack why are black women getting paid sixty two cents on every dollar a man, a white man make. Like. That I. Haven't done this in the while I'm so excited. Our corporate warriors. This week our corporate warriors, but like goes to Jasmine. Now. I. Know I'm late to this game I just actually saw this on Lincoln recently and I was like a way. Let me tell ya about judge twitty. Okay. Your honor. So Jasmine twitty is currently think like thirty thirty, one years old. She is an American Associate Judge for the Easley South Carolina Municipal Court appointed to the position of associate judge of Municipal Court for the city of Easley South Carolina in August of two, thousand fifteen. So clearly. I'm five years late. But. I was so excited because she is one of the youngest judges to ever be appointed or elected in. US. History at the age of Twenty Five homegirl was twenty five you guys. Wow, that is amazing. twitty graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in political science. Look Coop. You go SIS. She previously worked for the Greenville County on court as a night clerk, and then after that, she completed a training program and she passed a certification examination and then she was sworn in as a judge at the age of twenty five. Listen Judge Twenty you go girl you be the change you want to see and I am so proud to. Learned about this black girl magic black excellent story. So I definitely wanted to the big judge twee.

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