MTA Says Free Rides, Back Door Boarding On MTA Buses Is Ending In New York City


Saying. saying. There's There's no no such such thing thing as as a a free free lunch. lunch. They They will will add add bus bus rides rides that that now now once once again again in in a a couple couple of of weeks weeks here here in in New New York York City, City, rear rear door door boarding boarding on on all all empty empty buses buses was was put put in place back in March and effort to protect the bus drivers. It also meant a free ride. We can't afford to lose out on these revenues at this moment, the empty as interim city Transit President Sarah Feinberg says that free ride ends on the 31st. We're installing these protective barriers between operators and riders. Riders will also have more space to spread out. The front of the bus open again Empty A bus division had Craig Cipriani says Bus ridership is still growing basically on pace with subways. We can just as many customers as the subways, which is a big change from before the pandemic when the subway carried far more people, we start off with a communication campaign and eagle team reminding folks of their responsibility, Customs of responsibility to pay the fan where the mess a spokesman for Transport Workers union, local 100 says drivers are being told not to do any enforcement as they look to avoid confrontations with Riders in hell's

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