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Fox News. Here's the Bryant heating and cooling forecast from the Fox six weather experts probably mostly sunny today with a chance of a stray shower. Sea temperatures rise into the low to mid eighties. Today overnight. Expect mostly clear skies with temperatures back into the sixties and fifties on money. Expect mostly sunny skies. With temperatures rising into the upper seventies and low eighties on Fox takes me You're all just a J. Waterman. This report is sponsored by the podcast. The Pita Sebastian Show, The Pete and Sebastian Show with P. Corey Ellie and Sebastian Maniscalco. It's your two favorite Italian American committee. Leon's bringing you nonstop laughs and outrageous stories from the snapshots of their everyday lives. Flying the Pete and Sebastian Show on the I Heart radio ad or wherever you get your podcasts, summer sure took a while to get here. But now this heat If you have a pool, you're one of the lucky ones. Hi. This is Stew Elliot from Elliot's Ace Hardware. If you have a pool, you know that nothing. It's pool chemicals faster than this weather the more sun and use the more chemicals you need. That's where Elliott's ace can help We have is much knowledge is stuff, Teske its Ph. Plus p h minus and chlorine we save you money on everything you need. Let us

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